unique needs

30th May 2018

Multi-generational travel trend highlights

How do the generations compare when it comes to their relationship with travel – and which generation do you fit into? Multi-generational travel trend highlights Boomers (born […]
3rd April 2018

Every traveller has different unique needs for accommodation – what’s important to you?

Most travellers, attempting to search the internet for somewhere to stay that will satisfy their unique needs, will drop it like a hot potato because it […]
28th February 2018

Communicating effectively with Travellers seeking Universal Accessibility

Universal Accessibility will make all the difference between a contented or depressed stay for travellers with disabilities and their able companions. It follows that communicating effectively […]
28th November 2017

Choosie believes sharing is caring with B&B customers

Choosie, our ambassador, goes out of way to make B&B customers feel welcome and happy during entire stay. Ambassador and Choosie engage with customers to ensure their every […]
25th November 2017

Matching with Choosytravellers.com closes traveller unique needs gap

Matching has the task of keeping the customer sufficiently interested to stay on the site. Choosytravellers.com achieves this with its amazing design that is intuitive slick […]
21st November 2017

Raising bar to meet business traveller unique needs

Raising the bar to match and satisfy business traveller unique needs is built into choosytravellers.com eye-opening search capabilities Choosytravellers.com mindful of business traveller busy schedules and […]
19th November 2017

Leisure customer has family unique needs to consider

Leisure customer has family to consider when searching to match their  unique accommodation needs Choosytravellers.com co is confidant that one size does not fit all. Avoid […]