23rd July 2018

Abstract Terms used on Websites

Abstract Terms used on Websites How are abstract terms understood by our travel and tourism world? Is it through listening, reading, and communicating, needs and offerings […]
18th July 2018

South Africa is lagging in the disability and differently-abled travel trends

Taking a tour around the internet I realised that South Africa is lagging in the disability and differently-abled travel trends available around the rest of the […]
4th February 2018

Safety is also considered as unique traveller accommodation need

It starts on arrival and car is parked in safety environment. Travellers can easily search to find establishments that care for the health and safety […]
1st February 2018

Big difference between business traveller needs and their unique needs

Big difference or challenge, every business or leisure traveller has unique needs, is for you the traveller to find which establishments is able to match your […]
27th January 2018

One day you may be forced to find alternate accommodation. Consider why?

Alternate accommodation needs to be found. I never thought that one day you would decide to retire from the hospitality business and sell your establishment. New […]
13th January 2018

Establishment awareness of their accommodation offerings on website is key

It’s no secret that establishments must accurately list their accommodation types and facilities, called establishment offerings, on the website. They simply can’t afford to get […]
10th January 2018

Matching Unique Accommodation Needs for Emergency Traveller

Emergency Traveller! One minute, you happy and content with your life and that all changes in a flash. The dreaded phone call of the passing on […]
30th November 2017

Choosies earn kudos points with wedding venues

Choosies ambassador role-player in joining dots of wedding plans. A wedding is a magical day devoted to bride and groom to share with family and friends and […]
25th November 2017

Matching with closes traveller unique needs gap

Matching has the task of keeping the customer sufficiently interested to stay on the site. achieves this with its amazing design that is intuitive slick […]
21st November 2017

Raising bar to meet business traveller unique needs

Raising the bar to match and satisfy business traveller unique needs is built into eye-opening search capabilities mindful of business traveller busy schedules and […]
19th November 2017

Leisure customer has family unique needs to consider

Leisure customer has family to consider when searching to match their  unique accommodation needs co is confidant that one size does not fit all. Avoid […]