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23rd July 2018

Abstract Terms used on Websites

Abstract Terms used on Websites How are abstract terms understood by our travel and tourism world? Is it through listening, reading, and communicating, needs and offerings […]
18th May 2018

How do we change the way people make booking choices?

After speaking to a number of travellers, a distinct trait emerged; the majority had experienced an ‘uncomfortable’ stay. We need the traveller to experience a major […]
9th January 2018

Matching unique accommodation needs are not price related

Matching unique accommodation needs for you are not always dependent on price. Here are some of the reasons why. You may be making a business or […]
18th December 2017

Price itself does not guarantee unique accommodation needs seeks to build a top-of-mind awareness that unique accommodation needs is key factor in decision making Anticipate change in traveller needs then establishments can create […]