Some Things to Do in Mossel Bay

Some Things to Do in Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay is a harbour town on the Garden Route in South Africa’s Western Cape Province.

Mossel Bay

Start the morning with brunch at a restaurant on the point and find it hard not to enjoy a meal.

Brunch at the point
Locals assured me this was the best value and quality with a stunning view of a beautiful beach and surfers

Surfing at Mossel Bay

Cape St Blaize Lighthouse offers spectacular ocean views from the top of the 1864 lighthouse tower.

Cape St Blaize Lighthouse and Cave

Just below the lighthouse is Cape St Blaize Cave, a staggeringly large cavern that faces the sea. Indigenous people in the area have used the cave for 160,000 years. With material dating back from 162,000 years ago (in cave  to about 60,000 years ago).
Mossel Bay has the longest record of modern human habitation.


Pinnacle Point Caves

Situated at the Point in Mossel Bay (Point area which is at the tip of the peninsula) you will find a 3 km walkway on the rocks & tidal pool.

Rocks & tidal pool

Rows of rocky reefs form a natural tidal pool known as Die Poort. For generations, the towns children have learned to swim in this pool where chains and ropes have been secured across the pool to assist swimmers when the surging tides cause strong currents to wash down the pool.

The Shark Lab (Mini Aquarium) in Mossel Bay, Western Cape

The Shark Lab

Situated near the water’s edge in the popular holiday destination of Mossel Bay, The Shark Lab is a small aquarium and research facility which aims to teach people about the interesting creatures of the sea.

The Shark Lab

The Shark Lab is a fantastic venue to take a deeper look into the curious and fascinating lives of sharks. The Lab even provides an opportunity to swim with their two beautiful resident Hound Sharks! The aquarium is very small, so this would be the highlight of visit and it is an activity that come highly recommended.

Did you know an Octopus has 3 hearts and nine brains?

Octopus has 3 hearts and nine brains

An octopus has three hearts, nine brains, and blue blood. Two hearts pump blood to the gills, while a third circulates it to the rest of the body. The nervous system includes a central brain and a large ganglion at the base of each arm which controls 

Mossel Bay’s Blue Flag Beaches 

De Bakke Beach

Mossel Bay have 3 out of the 23 Blue Flag Beaches in the Western Cape.  We are proud and happy to announce that De Bakke Beach, Hartenbos Beach and Klein Brak Beach are all part of this prestigious group of beaches in South Africa.

Santos Beach was not awarded Blue Flag (2017/2018) status due to concerns about water quality

What is a Blue Flag Beach?

A Blue Flag is an international award given to beaches, boats and marina’s that meet EXCELLENCE in the areas of safety, amenities, cleanliness and environmental standards. The strict criteria of the programme are set by the international coordinators of the Blue Flag campaign in Europe, the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).


The Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex includes the Maritime Museum.

Of the five National Monuments on the museum grounds, 4 are buildings dating between 1830 and 1902. The museum grounds themselves situated on the shores of the Indian Ocean are a magnificent historical setting where the European explorers came ashore and made contact with the indigenous people. Information about the Khoi-Khoi and explorers can be seen in the Maritime museum. 

You will find a replica of Bartolomeu Dias Caravel on display here. 

Bartolomeu Dias Caravel


The Shell Museum
This structure was erected in 1902. The building was also used as a furniture factory and garage for motor repairs. The building is still in a very good state of repair and the solid wooden pillars render a special atmosphere to this edifice.
On the lower level the “touch tank” and aquarium enables visitors and school groups to actively learn about sea life and the creatures along South Africa’s shoreline. A “man and mollusc” exhibition portrays the history of the use of shells by man.

Shell Museum

Botanical Garden

The Braille trail makes it accessible to visually-impaired people so that they can read about, feel and smell the wonderful collection

Braille trail

The Braille Trail was incorporated as part of the Ethno-botanic garden for the visually-impaired to read about, feel, and smell the plants in the gardens, plants which are used by the San, Khoi, Coloured, Xhosa and European people of the area for magic, food and medicine.

Oldest Post Office in South Africa.
This ancient milkwood tree, located in Mossel Bay, South Africa, is believed to be the country’s very first mailbox.  The In 1500, a Portuguese sea captain named Pêro de Ataíde lost much of his fleet in a storm off the Southern Cape. Before returning to India, he wrote a message reporting the damage and warning of rough waters to the East.

Oldest Post Office in South Africa

Ataíde tucked the message in a boot dangling from a milkwood tree near a spring where sailors often drew water. The tree, now believed to be approximately 600 years old, continues to send and receive mail. A large post office box shaped like a giant boot has been constructed beneath the tree, where people can send letters anywhere in the world and receive a special stamp. Presumably, delivery now takes less than a year.

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