Travel with Confidence while you are Pregnant

Travel with Confidence while you are Pregnant


For frequent business or leisure travellers, nine months is a long time to stay at home. Universal Accessibility refers to travel accommodation that can be enjoyed by pregnant moms. So, it would not be out of order, to give you (and your families) input to those interested in learning more about travel accommodation during pregnancy.

Travel by Car and find Pregnant Parking as a bonus

  • Car and Air Travel
    1. Break it up with frequent for frequent restrooms stops. Use those opportunities to move around and stretch any tired, aching muscles. Little walks every so often will also help to boost your circulation.
    2. Look out for accommodation establishments that have parking with lots of door opening space.

  • Activities and Exercises
    1. Consider gentle exercises like yoga and onsite safe walking.
    2. Be kind to yourself and don’t try to do it all.

  • Safety and Comfort are major concerns for pregnant travellers.
    1. find accommodation establishments that highlight facilities that will ensure you stay safe and comfortable.
    2. look for onsite facilities with step and ramp railings, spacious bathrooms with grab bars in strategic places in bathroom and a shower seat
    3. uncluttered bedrooms for quick access to use the bathroom
    4. 24/7 neighbourhood watch and cctv cameras for external security are appreciated. Having a security guard meet you at the gate when arriving or leaving does a lot for your peace of mind.
    5. bring along a copy of your medical records and consider accommodation establishments near hospitals.


  • Enjoy a range of activities onsite
    1. from photography courses to art classes to the ultimate pamper sesh
    2. daily yoga courses
    3. spa and massages for mum and dad? Yes please    

Dietary Considerations (especially important for pregnant woman travelling on business)

  1. be sure to enquire and find accommodation establishments, that offer not only offer meals on request, but also a choice of dietary considerations
  2. a bar fridge in the room is needed to store special provisions and on demand snacks

There are perks to pregnancy other than glossy hair and radiant skin!

  1. bathroom perks like bubble baths, gowns, heated towel rails, luxury toiletries and slippers
  2. a deep bath to soak in (and grab bars for safe entry and exit)
  3. onsite wellness spa, massages, pedicures and gentle swims in pools with rails and steps for safe and dignified entrance and exit.
  4. stay clear away from steam rooms, hot tubs and any contra-indicated aromatherapy oils.

  • How to Find the Information You Need
    1. Pick your destination wisely by looking through and searching the 40+ accommodation types and 300+ facilities (amenities) to find what you as a pregnant mom richly deserve.
    2. the innovative, easy to use search mechanism with instantaneous results and not take life for granted and live each moment of life to its fullest.

Destinations with Dignity and Safety for Everyone

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