The Voice of Reason


The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason trying to get the accommodation establishments on how not to mislead travellers with their interpretations of Universal Accessibility.

Sadly the voices of reason are overwhelmed or ignored, even though in the long-term they are safer guardians of our values.




Karin Coetzee, an Occupational therapist of 30+ years, specialized in Spinal Rehabilitation including people in wheelchairs, and furthered her experiences in the United States for 9 months.
Some 2 years ago she had an accident while snow skiing and ended up in crutches and wheelchair. Her eyes were now opened that much more first-hand to live life with realities of needs and assistance that persons with disabilities dealt with daily 24/7.

Level Access must show Door Width

Karin started up a company and website called Disability Travel after working with municipalities and personally visited more than 1000 accommodation establishments throughout South Africa that were advertising themselves as being wheelchair friendly.
Imagine that less than only 22% of the 1000 were found to be accessible and then only to a degree by misleading travellers with disabilities to believe they were accessible because they had a level access with no steps to the front door and room.

Sufficient Space under Washbasin and Toilet

During the evaluations some serious problems arose with narrow bathroom doors, insufficient space under wash basin or at toilet for safe and dignified transfer and inability to roll into shower or no seat in shower.

It is difficult to get the story out of our minds about the wheelchair traveller who booked at an accommodation establishment only for the wheelchair traveller to find accessibility denied because bathroom door was too narrow and had to drive into town to use a restaurant toilet!! Inaccurate and misleading information on website is unacceptable!!

Relaxation Area showing level space to move around in

Karin started Disabled Travel Pty ltd with a website that specializes in accommodation establishments with Universal Accessibility.  One of the outstanding and necessary features of the Disabled Travel website is to display text about the accommodation establishment with measurements and relevant pictures for the traveller to make an accurate assessment that their accessibility needs will be satisfied and very little is left to chance.

Disabled Travel have now partnered with to champion a quest to at least one accommodation establishments in every town in South Africa to add a minimum criterion of universal accessibility to their accommodation amenities offered.

The travel industry has introduced these categories for both travellers, able or persons with disabilities, and accommodation establishments to avoid misunderstandings created by “one size fits all” concept.

Pregnant Mom

Pregnant Moms consider bathrooms without grab bars and uncluttered bedrooms (especially at night) contribute to her safety.




Infancy & Early Childhood (0-5)

Infancy & Early Childhood (0-5) enjoy oodles of space for cots, playpens and toys.-rooms

Middle-Aged Childhood (Ages 6 – 11)

Middle-Aged Childhood (Ages 6 – 11) engage in a world of imagination and exploration by challenging the sturdiness of balconies, railings, play areas, safety of pools and ponds.



Adolescence (Ages 12-20) display a zeal for life and enjoy being entertained with different indoor and outdoor activities like biking, computer games, cycling, feeding farm animals, paint ball

Millennial (Ages 20-35)

Millennial (Ages 20-35) technology, mainly Internet, introduces opportunities to make their mark in the world. Mixing with local communities and customs, how the environment is being influences eco-friendly stays more seriously.

Generation X

Generation X (Ages 35-50) period of contemplation, consolidation and reflection of deeper meaning of their lives and to create a new understanding.

Appreciate little things in like gowns, heated rails percale linen, coffee machines and put their hands to new experiences like onsite art, crafts, yoga, photography and stargazing.

Generation X (Ages 35-50)

Boomers (Ages 50-80) are years of benevolence and wisdom hoping for continued good health, mobility and memory.
Close to or already in retirement and travelling for a week-end or longer is foremost in their minds.

Visit and tick off places in bucket list with more time and opportunity to understand how places developed, visit museums and reminisce and share with their partner and friends. This is also the age where grab bars, rails on stairs and in swimming pools will be appreciated or necessary.

Accommodation Establishments are being made aware of three game changing attributes introduced by for their website that include:

  1. Unlimited number of photos for the gallery with 280 characters to clearly describe the contents of the photo
  2. A designated area for text detailing information about Persons with Disability, Elderly or Wheel Chair User Details
  3. Searchable 40+ different Accommodation Types and 300+ Inhouse and Onsite Facilities (Amenities)

The website is designed for persons with the absolute minimum of computer knowledge and training for establishments to accurately record these attributes and avoid any misunderstandings by the travellers. avoids using the following “general accommodation Types and/or Facilities”  which tend to suggest “One Size Fits All”

 “Child Friendly”

Disabled Friendly”

“Elderly Friendly”

“Family Friendly”

“ Wheel Chair Fiendly”


It is now very easy for the accommodation establishment to simply state that their facilities do not support Universal Accessibility or any of the categories above.

Applying these categories will no longer be any excuses for travellers choosing a less than ideal travel stay venue

Universal Accessibility and The Voice of Reason supports  “TOURISM IS SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE ENJOYED BY EVERYONE” accommodation establishments personify  “Destinations with Dignity and Safety for Everyone”







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