Feeling on Top of The World while you Travel


Feeling on Top of The World while you Travel

Stimulation, joy, triumph, high spirits, and attitude all describe the feeling of being on top of the world and able to accomplish more than you anticipated.

Learn from your travelling experiences how to identify your unique accommodation needs, however small or big they may be, and your attitude will change.

Travel as Pregnant Mom

Travel with peace of mind for me includes establishments that have medical facilities nearby.

 When possible, I opt for a yoga retreat which can help me learn more about relaxation and meditation while I’m travelling.

My eating healthy is key and I prefer establishments that offer to provide dietary or special meals for me.
I’m always on the lookout for establishments that provide a bar fridge and cupboard in my room  to stock certain foods that may not be available where I am staying.

Must mention a shower seat that helps my pregnancy when my centre of gravity has shifted off centre. I can interrupt standing in the shower and when I need to take a breather.  Even more helpful when I reach down to calves to shave my legs.

Its 2nd nature for my safety to hold onto rails going up and down stairs or to help with extra stability, balance and prevent falling.
Bathrooms are renowned for be the danger rooms so those establishments that provide for my safety and dignity get my vote. I automatically view the establishment gallery to find grab bars and safety rails in showers, on bathtubs and near toilets. All of them need to be securely attached to the wall to be compliant and I avoid those attached with suction cups that may come loose with me.

Travel as Infant 0-5

Travelling with me, the baby, is very different to you travelling alone. The main difference is now you will need to plan things well in advance and consider my well-being and safety. 

Book the right room for me

Bedding down in the same room with you means that you and others sharing the room may suffer from a lack of sleep. I suggest you look around and consider booking a suite or connecting rooms which will be a lot more comfortable.

When opt for a room for me consider space me to crawl or move about in. I prefer you find me an establishment that provides a cot, playpen and maybe a few extra toys to keep me independent and happy while you get on with your chores.

We agree that a bar-fridge in the room for keeping my milk and other foodies fresh is key

My non-stop energy will not accept being kept indoors all the time so look around on your search for establishments where I can move around outside without fear of falling into fenced water features, fish ponds and swimming pools.

I heard you chatting about the alarming drowning stats being the second leading cause of death in infant travellers.

You and I agree that I am inquisitive, especially in strange rooms. Over to you to carefully inspect electrical plugs and wiring, canisters in bath room and cupboards or inadequate safety on stairway or balcony railings

You and I agree our safety goes hand in hand with peace of mind

Travel as Middle Childhood 6 – 11

I now confidentially move into middle childhood, whist sorry, from a life dominated by fantasy, to one that is beginning to be governed by logic and reason. I’m so happy that you there for me as I continue to need consistent direction from you. 

My energy levels have increased many times and remind you to look out for establishments that offer two-wheeler bike paths, jungle gyms to test my climbing skills and similar outdoor activities. I hope there is a pool where, with you around, I can continue with what I learnt at swimming lessons. You and I need some space to practice to my catching and throwing a ball confidently.
Remind me to show you my latest handstands and cartwheels that I want to perfect.

When weather is not great, or in evenings, I hope there is somewhere to enjoy indoor activities like board games, drawing, painting and puzzles.

Thought I would remind you about different stays we chatted about like camping, caravanning, farm-stay and holiday venues. They seem to all offer the type of activities I enjoy so much!

Some friends at school were telling me about Farmstay that offer overnight lodging, meals and a peek into the agricultural lifestyle. I would relish the chance to see where our food comes from. Eggs collected fresh from the hen house, carrots pulled from the ground, picking berries from a bush all sound cool.

Adolescent Childhood 12-20

I overheard you chatting about my teenager years and it was enough to make some couples seriously reconsider having children.

I have my own thoughts on that too and have reason to be believe we teenagers are some of the most sophisticated consumers around. We are media-savvy, fantastically diverse in our interests, and this aspiring to adulthood is pretty scary and I am but still in need of security.

I like establishments with a pool where I can find some like-minded buddies to fool around in the pool, do a bit of water-polo or play on some of the plastic tubes and boats.

Whilst I like playing with others I want to be an individual and not organized. Remember when you took me up Table Mountain because it was the place to go. It is a heritage site”” you told me, and in addition it you took pains to point out, has over 1500 different fynbos plants”.
Boring! All I wanted to do was be on my own and go shopping!

Chatting to my buddies we agreed we wanted activities like beach discos, braais, beach games like frisbees, volleyball, sandboarding surfing and other beach activities.  Some girls suggested make-overs and talent shows, while some of the boys were keen on computer games and arcades, team sports and videos.

When not at the see onsite activities play a big part in where I would like to stay.

Mostly, I wanted the opportunity to take part in organised activities only if I chose to

Millennial 20-35

It takes enterprise for me to accomplish my many responsibilities, including finding a home and mate, establishing a family or circle of friends, and/or getting a good job.  This principle of enterprise thus serves me at any stage in my life when I need to go out into the world and make my mark.

I’ve started getting into the world of weddings and chatting to some friends I was tipped off into seriously checking-out establishments that offered wedding ceremonies, receptions and accommodation. There were so many other factors to think about like dietary meals, types of accommodation for young, old, able and persons with disabilities,

Business trips became part of my life and it took a bit of time, having experienced some unsatisfactory stays.  I wrongly assumed that every establishment would provide me with a desk and adequate lighting in my room.
This, incident and a few others, got me thinking that there must be a way of searching and matching my unique needs.
I ignored price and then stumbled on choosytravellers.com that provided the search answers to satisfy my needs.


Gen X 35-50

I am established in my career, owning my own business, paying off the mortgage and have young children staying at home.

My business is very demanding, raising my children and keeping an eye on grandparents and generally very busy. Holidays are short, not enough time to travel too far from home, so I find weekend getaways and other short trips to be most popular.

Gen Xers enjoy a wide range of activities while away from home. Some crave physical activity, such as biking, hiking, skiing and golf. And some seek cultural experiences that help immerse them in the character of a place.

I, and the family,  enjoy a wide range of activities while away with physical activity, such as biking, hiking, game walks and 4 x 4 Trails. I really enjoy cultural experiences that help immerse me in the character of a place.

My business experience has taught me how important individual needs are and this definitely applies to our group with a wide range of ages from children to grandparents.
Grandparents probably need safety facilities in bedrooms and bathrooms so I certainly am on the look out for railings, ramps, grab bars and uncluttered rooms for them

Boomers 50-80

Planning, planning now becomes key in my trips. Just two of us and now wanting to tick off those items on the bucket list.

Time to enjoy those little things in accommodation that mean so much.

Heated rails in bathroom, percale linen, quality mattresses, 24/7 security for our safety, grab bars, rails and safety rails all around the rooms, ramps and stairs with rails.s

Ecotourism Green is practiced by me at home so I want to visit establishments and share and learn from them.See how closely they work with and benefit the local community.

 Adventure as boomers, includes learning more about star gazing with the experts, visit these huge telescopes, and experience walking around in the dark just like our astronomers do.

In towns visit museums and join tours  to  where our history started.

See how the diggers, managers, and aristocrats lived and how we have progressed in communication from those manual calculators to our hand held mobile computers.

Visit game sanctuaries and animal rehabilitation centres and get involved in learning more, contributing in time and money. I can’t imagine the world without penguins, Rhinos and Vultures

I am now getting the right combination of time and money to live out my dreams. My options are limited only by my imagination and my wallet.

It has taken me some research and good planning to make sure we are comfortable and have fun. I am convinced that by doing it  right we will have memories to share that will last a lifetime.

Destinations with Dignity for All

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