Multi-generational travel trend highlights

How do the generations compare when it comes to their relationship with travel – and which generation do you fit into?

The Generation Gap of Millenials, Boomers and Gen X

Multi-generational travel trend highlights


Boomers (born between 1943 and 1960): Less budget-conscious and likely to spend more on hotels than other generations

  • Boomers take the longest trips (10.5 days on average)
  • 54 per cent said budget was a primary factor on their last trip
  • Boomers value informative content and helpful reviews, and are less likely than other generations to be influenced by deals in ads and appreciate Wine, Brandy and Port Tasting prospects
  • Boomers are affected by elderly disabilities and require grab handles in baths & showers, near toilets , shower seats, rails on stairs and staying near a hospital/medical facility

Gen X

Generation X (born early 1960 s to late 1970 s): Family-oriented travellers who use reviews and informative brand content during the planning process

  • 85 per cent read reviews of places they want to visit before making a decision
  • They rely heavily on online travel agents, travel review sites and search engines when planning a trip and look for amongst other activities, craft courses, visiting local communities, local music and food cultures
  • As well as Heritage sites such as Cradle of Mankind, Museums, staying in Soweto or the Khayelitsha tour experience in Cape Town Conservation and SANCCOB Penguin Sanctuary etc.


Millennials (born early 1980 s to early 1990 s): Frequent, deal-driven travellers with a wide variety of interests – from wining and dining to exploring the outdoors

  • They take four or more trips per year but their trips are the shortest in duration, compared with other generations
  • 37 per cent said they are influenced by blogs or articles about travel destinations and 51 per cent used an online travel agent (OTA) to book their last trip
  • Inclusive of Eco friendly accommodation and volunteering such as ‘Save the Rhino’. They want wanting to give back to the world

Generation Z (born 1995 to 2010): Open minded, mobile savvy and budget conscious travellers looking to cross off things on their bucket list

  • 63 per cent use their Smartphone’s when they’re looking for travel inspiration
  • They take the same number of holidays a year as Gen X (2.5 a year on average)
  • When it comes to travel inspiration, it’s this generation that is most influenced by pictures posted by their friends on social media (Boomers are more influenced by experts)


From Boomers to Gen Z: travel trends across the generations

Above is a brief overview. Follow the link to read more.


My question is whether establishments are set up for all of these groups and if not, hopefully will ponder the content.

Now I couldn’t share the above without addressing the Universal Design and Access for accessible tourism for the disabled and the unique needs community as they are becoming more assertive in their travelling requirements, so here goes….Nope, I will save that for next week as I would like to encourage a healthy consideration of the above content.

Destinations with Dignity for Everyone

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