Search to Satisfy Accommodation Needs, Business or Leisure, Young or Old, is Key

Major search engines, for the last 10 or more years, are being used by routine travellers to hopefully direct them to a specific or group of establishments that best answer their accommodation needs.

Major Search Engines Used

They crawl the web and find and list establishments with “greatest fit” with excellent meticulousness and speed. Such ability of search engines has proven in the past to be adequate to fulfill travellers’ needs to the point that WEB search is performed by millions of users, for business and leisure.

Not all the information of the travellers’ needs can be satisfied and displayed by individual pages found by search engines.

Search Results



Travellers have a need to be able to interrogate the pages to find more valuable information that can be searched underneath the individual page. As travellers get the individual page results and they are faced with an avalanche of information that threatens to bury them.

Avalanche of information that threatens to bury them

Their queries go what can be expressed with a few key words and their answers require more than a list of establishment web pages.

Expressed with a few key words

According to travellers the number of complex queries they have and submitted to General-purpose search engines, found they performed poorly.

Complex queries

When a query addresses a specific establishment domain search engine do a better and acceptable job. Thus the onus falls on the user to perform several independent searches and manually combine the findings but such a procedure is time consuming, cumbersome and prone to error.

Query addresses a specific establishment is designed to get multiple domains responding to multiple queries of traveller needs with a simple and quick response without the traveller having an in-depth knowledge of IT.

Find Specific Accommodation Needs for a Pregnant Mommy

Thus aims to fill the gap between generalized search systems which are unable to find information covering multiple topics of accommodation which can perform in-depth search of domains to find the valuable information needed.

Commonplace query examples of families planning a wedding and want to look around and see what is available

  • a) “Where (location) can accommodation for a wedding, that caters for bed & breakfast, a honeymoon and is family friendly”? “once

Query for accommodation for a wedding, bed & breakfast, a honeymoon suite and is family friendly

Commonplace query  examples of guests attending the wedding and have expressed a need for 

  • Some of the guests at the wedding have a preference for a “Shower”, some guests are very tall and need “Extra Length Beds”, and some guests require “Vegan Meals”

Commonplace needs of guests at a wedding

When organizing the wedding, safety of guests and belongings are of prime importance. 

Commonplace query examples of proving safety of guests and their belongings attending the wedding are

Safe Parking, Room Safe, 24 Hour CCTV Surveillance

 There are many facets to planning a wedding and always a good idea to talk to establishments that cater for weddings for their ideas and offerings.

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