Join the quest for one access establishment in every town is the champion for tourism is something that should be enjoyed by everyone.  Access includes young, elderly and people with disabilities. 

south Africa,rated most beautiful country to visit

Travel by car to see true beauty of South Africa


Business travel are trips and visits are made to your town for a multitude of reasons that could include

  • selling and servicing their products

  • attending meetings

  • conferences and exhibitions

 Business travellers, or their co-workers travelling with them, can be people with unique disability accommodation needs.

Disabled people have the greates need for universal accessible facilities

Elderly or Mobility Travellers with Disabilities

Leisure travel can be a new focus for your town

An experience that creates a unique opportunity for the establishment, traveller and the people involved with “things to do”.
Universal Accessibility can refer to leisure tourism facilities for families with babies, prams, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Accommodation for pregnant moms, moms breastfeeding, or with babies,have their own universal accessibility unique needs

Tourism facilities for families with babies

 Access Benefits all Visitors

Wheelchair users represent 10% of disabled  people according to World Health Organization Statistics.  There are very specific universal accessibility facilities that need to be responded to and presented on the website for all wheelchair travellers to see with photo of those facilities that comply shown in the gallery 

There are very ex=act measurements for door widths, height of tables, basins that need to be adhered to

Access Wheelchair Facilities


From the moment wheelchair users arrive the car parking area is under scrutiny. Is it?

  • Paved / Tarred parking space – No cobblestones or gravel
Car park near to entrance with plenty door space

Disabled Car Park – clearly signposted

  • Paved/Tarred pathway to entrance door – No cobblestones or gravel

  • Level /Ramped door entrance. No stairs – Door threshold 15 mm maximum
  • Slope of ramp no greater than 1:12
  • Level rest place after 10 metres and change of direction
Slope of ramp no greater than 1:12 and level rest place after 10 metres.

Ramp – external or internal


  • Minimum 750 mm clear opening door width –  Single doors only
  • Level access to dining room
  • Level access to bedroom
  • Open space of 800 mm next to bed
  • Open space of 1200 x 1100 mm in bedroom – wheelchair turning space

Uncluttered Bedroom


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