Did you know: Pregnancy is also considered a special needs ‘condition’! Diary 4

Pregnant women

Did you know: Pregnancy is also considered a special needs ‘condition’!

Have you heard about Universal Accessibility (UA)? It is intriguing to see that the UA have given Pregnant Mom’s their own category.

Most pregnant women do not create a fuss about accommodation. At first taken aback that pregnant women would be included in UA with the elderly, people with disabilities, like sight, movement and hearing the following came to light:

  1. Pregnant women also need wider spaces between cars to open doors to get in and out of vehicles comfortably. It is called Wheel Chair Parking but we Mom’s need extra space and don’t want to bash the car next to us.
  2. Pregnant Mom’s really don’t appreciate cobbled stone walkways. It might look good but hey who wants looks when comfort is what we want.
  3. Give Mom’s a ramp instead of stairs or at least hand railings on staircases.
  4. Bathrooms are fraught with danger so roll-in shower with no steps, a grab handle and a seat in the shower would be responsible and comfortable.
  5. Grab handle and rail in appropriate places like near the toilet and where they can hang onto while toweling themselves or drying their hair.
  6. Finally, we are all for that extra and uncluttered space around toilet/beds and couches.

By offering pregnant Mom’s a destination with dignity for their demanding nine month phase they will be sure to appreciate and enjoy the experience and more than likely return to the comfort of your establishment.

Everyone loves to travel and having access to facilities that cater for comfort, what more can we say.



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