The future in an industry like travel and tourism needs social responsibility too.

The future in an industry like travel and tourism needs social responsibility too.
Look beyond the narrow viewpoint our current comfort zones of price and location and try to detect changes in people’s behaviour as a casing point in deciding where to stay on a trip.

Social Media

Connected Travellers are self-assured and independent in an ever-increasing world of mobile connectedness.

These connected travellers can make choices in a flash and establishments and their local communities need to react accordingly to attract their share of the travel pie.

Connected Travellers

Relaxation takes on a new meaning.

Quality sleep and relaxing at the pool in destinations is just one of the many unique needs. Travellers are opting for active ways through which to explore destinations and exercise their minds. Biking, hiking and jogging are popular ways to get to know places better. Many people travel to learn a new skill, practice their hobbies or learn more about a particular field of interest, whether it be cooking classes, cycling training, photography or stargazing.

Swimming for Relaxation

Swimming for Relaxation

Convenience and Satisfaction

Technology now more than ever plays a major role in achieving convenience and satisfaction. More travellers in pursuit of trying to satisfy their unique needs are willing to pay for accommodation types and facilities that optimise their comfort and dignity. makes it easier for travellers to find the information they need, enquire and book their accommodation. Both parties will reap the rewards.

Convenience by Map Search

Online influencers

Connected at all times

Social networks are fast becoming virtual shop windows and with the rise of technology, regular travellers are able to share their reviews, on-the-go comments immediately, influencing their buying preferences to their friends who trust their opinions.
Mobile technology is transforming the tourism landscape in terms of bookings, customer service and consumer behaviour.
Free WIFI is now considered as an automatic facility to allow travellers to be connected on their trip.
Many travellers will choose accommodation near key shopping areas, banks, ATMS and Health Spa’s and Gyms. Malls are being considered as stylish community centers social and business activities, as well as finding sought-after local thingamajigs, bric-a-brac and souvenirs.
Food is big for travellers mainly opting for authentic local food experiences. Craft beer, wine tasting, organic anything and locally produced are all the rage.

Things to do shown on map



Travel by Millennials, young and connected, is on the rise and is one of the largest growing markets in the world.
They prefer responsible and impactful accommodation and facilities as they explore new and often off-the-radar destinations for life experiences and expanding their unique needs,
They are instigators, gathering information via travel websites (67%), blogs and reviews (66%) and social media (35%), and inspire their families and friends to travel beyond the obvious and dated destinations.
Local experience and customs will be key if you want to stay ahead of the bunch these ‘always-connected’ travellers.


Changing the world for the better with Universal Accessibility

Traveller interest now dictates a more caring, committed and social responsibility culture with the introduction of universal accessibility. Today the traveller is able bodied and tomorrow for a variety of reasons becomes a person with disability.
Universal Accessibility refers to travel, business or leisure, that can be enjoyed by elderly, families with babies and prams, pregnant mommies and persons with disabilities
Travel and Tourism is to be enjoyed by everyone. All travellers want to experience the beauty of the country, authentic daily life of locals and see their money make a difference to the lives of people in the places they visit. Universal Accessible travellers may want search for value for money combined with more memorable and authentic experiences like home-cooked meals, cooking lessons and guided tours around game parks.
Going Green Eco Accommodation in travel continues to gain momentum.
Fair Trade organisations all over the world punt environmentally and socially responsible products to travellers.

Universal Accessibility

Health Conscious

Traveller are increasingly searching for accommodation, with social responsibility, that suits their unique needs on fitness, healthy lifestyles, daily workouts and diets. This rise in connected health is working for travellers to pressure the local restaurants and stores to cater accordingly and above all support the local farming communities.
Onsite yoga and gym activities, safe cycling, hikes, jogging and walks for travellers are gaining popularity all the time.
Easy Search with Instantaneous Results is Vital
Travellers have unique needs, a lot which have been mentioned above, and they now have become resolute in their demands to match these needs at an establishment where they will then stay.
Establishments now need a comprehensive and easy website on which they can list all their applicable accommodation types (choose from 30+) and applicable facilities (180+).

Yoga have introduced an innovative search engine for travellers to use to find their results instantaneously Even the most meticulous traveller is catered for. Social responsibility being introduced by establishments slowly.

Once the traveller has found a satisfactory establishment that meets their needs they are put in direct contact with the establishment to finalize the booking.
This search facility is the first of its kind in the travel Industry and will be highly influential in assisting all travellers, young, elderly, families with babies, pregnant mommies and persons with disabilities.

Search for Elderly Unique Needs

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