How do we change the way people make booking choices

How do we change the way people make booking choices?

We all know what we want from the venue


After speaking to a number of travellers, a distinctive trait emerged; the majority had experienced an “uncomfortable” stay.

We need travellers to experience a major mind shift in the way they think when making a booking.

We all know what we want from the venue and something should click, and we should know, this is it!

When awareness becomes understanding and believed to be “unquestionable” they will see permanent results producing essential changes in their travelling lives.

Business Traveller

Leisure Traveller


Consider what happens when you plant a seed before a flower comes into full bloom. The seedling unravels in stages, blooming into a beautiful flower.  This is how any new thought process begins.

Starting with Plan A is to prepare the ground where the seed is to be planted and prepare for change.

In Plan A, consider where the mind of the travellers are and then come to understand the importance of the problem you want solved. For example, when travellers are considering booking a stay to celebrate a wedding anniversary it helps to know if there will be toddlers and/or elderly persons joining them! Travellers have to make an overall assessment of who is joining them and where they are taking them, to make an efficient plan to accommodate to your and their satisfaction.

Wedding Venue


In Plan A, Pam learned a crucial insight about herself; toddlers and her elderly parents were part of the arrangement and they would fit in with her budget.

 When any of them dared to ask where they were going to stay, she would be tempted to say, “Where I can afford it”. Pam slowly came to the realization, that in fact, they all deserved to be part of the celebration as they meant a lot to Pam and Pete her husband. Just as in planting seeds is a portion of the cost, one must bear in mind costs of compost, water and fertilizers. Therefore, her folks and toddlers would need to be included in the budget.

This gave Pam a great advantage in that she needed a savings plan.

Toddlers and Baby Sitter


Elderly Parents – Mom & Dad

In Plan B, Pam would start to prepare a budget and checklist starting with crucial known expenses and expand her thinking into what was important for mom, dad and the toddlers!  Travellers generally are not in the habit of thinking about other aspects other than cost of accommodation.

This is the start of realizing that each of the six of them, herself, Pete, mom, dad and the toddlers has unique needs.

Travellers are often discouraged to change, and cling to ways of life that they do not realize are no longer fulfilling.

Mommy thinking about importance of toddlers and parents

Plan A and Plan B often go hand in hand as traveller’s struggle with ‘can’t see the woods for the trees’ but have to cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth. They need confidence, courage, and commitment to include unique needs in their accommodation plan.

Picture of them and the budget formed in Mommy’s mind


Plan C is when the new flower first experiences the sun, rain, and wind. The test is of its capability to adapt to the environment. A new behaviour, like a flower growing and budding, will thrive in conditions if travellers, with positive thoughts like “see it and believe it” instead of negative thoughts “will believe it when they see it”.

Plan C begins by listing the known unique needs of the six of you and how to go about finding accommodation that will match these needs in a real-world environment. This involves keeping an open and enquiring mind, the kind of attitude of discovery that a good scientist brings to his or her work.

In Plan C, Pam began to test out her insight with asking Google to find “Matching unique accommodation needs” and found . Pam filled the first nine positions on Google search results – and displayed five images to support the results.

Search Unique Needs of Mommy, Daddy , Parents and Toddlers

Pam automatically investigated each of the nine posts and clicked on the five images as she engaged with the needs situation (instead of withdrawing and looking for price solutions) her wish to satisfy price first, was greatly lessened by having her unique needs fulfilled and pricing became secondary but manageable.

Checked the Images for their offering details and visited their Social Media pages to be doubly sure

This brings us to Plan D, learning to weather the challenges that life brings without letting them throw us off course. Some people believe they have to be in a crisis to get support, but  can assist in finding suitable establishments.

On further examination of the establishments Pam found a picture gallery and text explaining the images. This convinced Pam that she had found her needs satisfied in a few establishments and could now focus on finding the best price amongst them. Things are going really well for Pam.

Wedding Venue on a Farm Stay with all pictures and comments on each picture


Finally, there is the Plan E, achieving after action satisfaction.

In this plan, we accept that needs today will change tomorrow and continue to change. Accidents prove that, toddlers grow up, Pam becomes an Elderly Person one day. By living with our decisions to set needs first, our trips are evidence of our decisions as we take justified pride in satisfying all six of people. At some point, “giving up on price first” is a known problematic behaviour and instead, changes, including unique accommodation needs, becomes part of toddler’s lives too.

Long Story Short – Unique Needs Matched First and then Price


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  1. Priscilla-Louise Morrow says:

    What a refreshingly “unique way” of thinking! Thank you for sharing choosy travelers. Enjoy your blog tremendously.

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