Universal Design Access for All Pregnant Mothers

Universal Design Access for All Pregnant Mothers

Removing barriers that prevent access to places and establishments that many of us take for granted.

Access for Pregnant Mothers all over Establishment

Universal Access Parking Place for Pregnant Mothers

If anyone needs more room to get out of the car, it is a pregnant mother.

Those narrow parking lots are just not on and neighbouring cars may get damaged

Plus, those spots are generally closer to the door so easier for walking purposes for the heavily pregnant.

Car parking areas should be well lit and each house and cottage should have a movement sensitive light outside back and front doors

Allowing Pregnant mothers to use well spaced parking

Universal Access Smooth and Level Pathways for Safety of Pregnant Mothers

Some paths will have ramps, smooth pavement, and flat terrain and others may have bothersome (and even dangerous) cobblestones. 

There are many situations that may cause falls, such as uneven walking surfaces, flaws in parking lots, cracks in surface and uneven lawns. The best way to prevent injuries such as these is to be aware of maintaining a smooth pathway.

Insufficient light can make it difficult to see obstacles and notice changes in the walking surface and is associated with an increase in accidents

Easy access to lawns and gardens where chairs and tables are easily accessible

Level & Smooth pathways – no cobblestones

Universal Access Importance of Railings for Safety of Pregnant Mothers

Although many of us use railings every day, we don’t often stop to consider the importance of railings for safety. Extremely helpful for pregnant mothers to maintain balance on paths, ramps and steps,

Increase Safety During Inclement Weather when surfaces can become slippery and many people will clutch on to them to ensure that they don’t slip.

To Help Those Carrying Unwieldy Loads to climb up a ramp, a railing can make the journey far less treacherous and come in handy if you’re carrying a suitcase, a sack of groceries or a baby.

Pregnant Mother Railings

Universal Access for All Door Handles for Pregnant Mothers

In general doors must be as easy to use for as many people as possible and allow people to open or close the door easily and independently. Make sure there’s ample space to navigate around the open door easily, especially at entrances with ramps. 

Imagine yourself with your hands full, trying to open a door with your elbow. A door handle makes it much easier whereas a doorknob can literally leave you stuck out in the cold.

Pregnant Mother Easy Access

Plenty of open floor space to manoeuvre around the bed and bedroom for Pregnant Mother

Unobstructed areas in bedroom between beds and cupboards and doors. All the bedrooms should allow the pregnant mother the choice of a bed size.

Lighting is often a major contributor to preventable indoor falls in a foreign bedroom for guests when visiting bathroom at night

Use indirect lighting to create a more diffused lighting source and prevent glare. 

Spacious and uncluttered Bedroom for Pregnant Mother

Rollin Shower with Seat for Pregnant Mother

Shower safety and accessible baths are important – a shower seat and transfer bench make bathing easier for pregnant mothers; safety handles help too.

Showering is very good for pregnant women as it can guarantee hygiene and massage the body, which helps you feel relaxed.

The best way to clean the body to pregnant women is using the shower which guarantees the hygiene and the relaxation when the water-jet gently massages your entire body


Pregnant Mother Shower, Seat , No Steps

Spacious Toilet area for Safety and Dignity of Pregnant Mother

The bathroom should be spacious and have wall mounted grab rails and/or grab bars by the toilet. This space is also useful for people who may need physical support from someone else.

Pregnant Mother Spacious Toilet Area

Swimming Pools for Safety and Dignity of Pregnant Mother

The main issue for many pregnant women wishing to swim is safety and dignity. Thus the perfect swimming pool for the pregnant woman would include some form of walk-in access, be it steps, a ramp with rails.

Pregnant Woman Swimming Pool with Steps and Railing

Pregnant Mother, her Person and Personal Effects Safety is of paramount importance

Staying in an establishment patrolled by neighbourhoodwatch, and viewed by strategically placed cameras are both useful tool for preventing crimes, aiding in arrests, and supporting investigations and prosecutions

Patrol Car

Neighbourhood Cameras 

Met at the gate by security gives Pregnant Mother additional Peace of Mind

The gate is often the most vulnerable danger area.

Met at the gate by security


All of these features and facilities are available to establishments to add to their offerings to be found and supported by Pregnant Mothers

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