Communicating effectively with Travellers seeking Universal Accessibility

Universal Accessibility will make all the difference between a contented or depressed stay for travellers with disabilities and their able companions.

It follows that communicating effectively will allow those inexperienced or experienced travellers with disabilities (or their companions) to search the Internet with ease to satisfy their unique needs and get instantaneous results.

Universal Accessibility - Keeping people with disabilities informed

Universal Access

First impressions on arrival set the traveller mood and expectations. 

An allocated disabled parking spot understands that extra width is required to get in and out of the car without banging and damaging other cars.

Universal Accessibility - Make the wheel chair ride as easy as possible

Paved parking preferable. No cobblestones

Level entrance from parking lot and outside areas.

Easy access for people in wheelchairs or with mobility problems.
Photos in gallery clearly showing access.


Universal Accessibility - Easy access to entrance clearly marked

Paved or leveled entrance but no cobblestones.

Ramps must be carefully designed in order to be safe and easily used from going in and out of the establishment.

Many jurisdictions have established minimum widths and maximum slopes. A less steep rise can be easier for a wheelchair user to navigate, as well as safer in wet or icy conditions.

Gradual ramp for safety purposes

Ramp access and no stairs entrance

Install adequate railing, for the comfort and safety of all people, especially those with mobility problems.

Handrails should allow a firm and easy grip

Adequate railing, wherever needed for the comfort and safety

Railing for use by mobility disabled and elderly people

Minimum door width into establishment for universal accessibility by disabled and elderly people.

Creating an environment that can be used by all people, regardless of their age, size, disability or ability

Comfort for all people to access establishment

Minimum door width (750 mm)

Universal Accessibility in outside living areas.

Accessibility is about fitting the establishment to the real requirements of those who visit there—whether they use a wheelchair, a white cane, bifocals or hearing aids.

Plenty of space for recreation

Outlines establishment vision on disability requirements

Design of living areas that can be used efficiently and comfortably and with a minimum of fatigue for persons with disabilities.

Design that considers approach, lighting, reach, and use.

Living area with a wide range of individual preferences and abilities

Living area that is useful for and appreciated by persons with diverse disabilities

Universal Accessibility into level dining area (b&b or self-catering)

Correct table heights, wider seating areas and easy-to-use appliances, for elderly, young, and disabled members of to use kitchen or dining room with ease.

NB Space under table for guide-dog

Ease of access to all amenities in dining room

Level dining area and correct height of tables for wheelchair

Universal Accessibility with Level access bedroom

Accessible bedrooms need sufficient space for bed transfers. 

Universal Accessibility with grab rails and enough space for the recommended turning circle required for wheelchairs

Accessible bedroom space

Universal Accessibility bedroom space.

Enough space for the recommended turning circle (1200 mm x 1200 mm)required for wheelchairs.
Adequate access to under the desk, plugs and switches at
acceptable height and cupboards (with safe).

Bedroom for wheelchair and be sized to enable manoeuvre within the space

Enough space for the recommended turning circle


Universal Accessibility toilet area for wheelchair users

Establishment’s ultimate goal is to accommodate wheelchair users then all other visitors can use the toilet comfortably.

Comfort without sacrificing style.

Universal Accessibility - A higher toilet seat makes it easer to lower, stand, or transfer from a wheelchair/walker to the toilet.

Bathroom toilet accessibility

Make the bathroom space safe with grab handles strategically placed.

When age, or mobility disability, makes it hard to use your toilet, bathtub, or shower, bathroom grab bars will help. Grab bars make the bathroom safer and give your guests peace of mind.
Toilet grab handles create independence and allow more privacy.

Toilet grab handles create independence and allow more privacy

Grab handles strategically placed for comfort and safety

Universal Accessibility includes an accessible shower for a wheelchair to roll into

Roll-in showers help reduce bathroom falls and maximize independence without sacrificing style. Allowing wheelchair users a safer and easier way to bath with a width and height of 1200 mm for both for easy access.

Elderly and disabled guests will benefit from using a seat in the accessible shower

Barrier free access means the shower floor is at the same level as the bathroom floor,

Accessible shower for a wheelchair to roll into


the structure of facilities has been able to seamlessly incorporate Universal Accessibility facilities. This is most important as wheelchair, disable and elderly guests can enjoy all the unique needs facilities deemed necessary for a contented stay.

For example disabled users can search and enjoy any of the + 290 facilities like

  • heated bath rails
  • electric blankets
  • fireplace in bedroom and living room
  • birding activities
  • star gazing
  • swimming pool with steps and rail
Rails and steps make all the difference

Safe swimming pool to get in and out of


All Universal Accessible facilities will show onsite measurements(where applicable) and photos (with appropriate text) thereof to verify accuracy

These are some of the basics required to comply and get “certified”as a Universal Accessibility site.

 This is a major step to earning the trust of wheel chair, disabled and elderly travellers.


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