We believe that our establishment’s needs are unique

Don’t keep all the eggs in one basket.

We believe that our establishment’s unique needs are to be showcased and deserve a unique solution to share their accommodation offerings that can be found easily and quickly by travellers on the internet.

This allows you to create an alternate revenue stream at the right moment and become sought after by a select group of travellers and organizations.

Loathe to look around and consider additional ideas

Keeping all your eggs in one basket

Don’t miss the Boat

Choosytravellers.com, in developing your unique solution, has been our favourite challenge.

We spent a little extra time in perfecting a solution to meet both your current and future requirements in a  very complex and challenging world of accommodation and travel (business and leisure).

“It always seems impossible until its done” Nelson Mandela

Plan carefully to be ready for the right occasion

Don’t miss the boat


The cat is now out the bag.

We are creative and the solution is well within your limited budgets. Above all it escalates your visibility to the most rigorous search from travellers seeking to satisfy their unique accommodation needs.

Exposure your facilities and then see them matched is the solution

Let the cat out the bag for the travellers to see

Do not leave you between two stools

We apply alertness to deliver the quality you expect and . The focal point is to satisfy your unique needs to make choice simple.

You can now showcase your establishment’s accommodation with the confidence, that travellers with unique needs, will find you easily and quickly on the internet  

Selling “one size fits all’ solutions just does not work for us, nor you.

Aligning the system with unique needs homes in on correct choice

Caught between two stools … which do you choose?

Straight from the horses mouth.

Understanding you, your business, and your needs comes from our background of extensive travel.

“Satisfy the unique needs” for you to be successful.

We were enabled to ask ask the proper questions and did not stop until we understand your needs, and the solution we will have to fit.

Dont accept heresay get it from the source

Straight from the horse’s mouth

Long story short.

Defined and implemented a solution that is unique to you and choosytravellers.com

We developed a concept that is so disruptive that it replaces the emphasis on price, photos and reviews with a simple statement ”


Price, photos and reviews come after the initial step is satisfied

Get straight down to the facts ... no trimmings needed

The long story short

Don’t cut corners.
Choosytravellers.com is based on, and uses the best available technology from Microsoft and Google Maps.

The result a website, with latest in responsive software,  is there for all to see, whether you use a mobile, laptop or tablet, at choosytravellers.com.

Do the job properly

Don’t cut corners

Best thing since sliced bread

The successful introduction of choosytravellers.com website , is not just another of the same, conforming to what the online travel market currently delivers.

New , innovative and drives at the crux of the requirementat hand

Best thing since sliced bread

Don’t beat about the bush

You need to reach your travellers in the most convenient way possible.
Let travellers decide on their unique needs, as we are mobile friendly and responsive, you can be reached directly anytime, anywhere, and on the go.
We send the travellers, that you match, to you to book directly… save money and save time. 

Find your key market with your offerings

Don’t beat about the bush

A piece of Cake

You won’t lose business because of the limitations of your choosytravellers.com website’s functions by adding additional revenue stream facilities..

Uncomplicated addition services due to innovative design. 

To add Universal Accessibility as additional facilities, is a simple completion of a form and together with high resolution photos, send to us to finalize a comply.

Uncomplicated addition services due to innovative design

Two Birds with One Stone

You have less than 15 seconds to make an impression on travellers before they bounce off your site never to return.

Combining able-bodied with disabled facilities unique facilities in easy and quick to find and see will most likely keep visitors interested to advance to a booking. Complicated and information overflow is a sure way of losing the visitors … especially universal accessible elderly, disabled and wheel chair travellers who are struggling to find suitable accommodation

Choosytravellers.com is the best way to turn that first click on your website into your next booking






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