Spare a thought for those with a disability – seen or unseen.

Universal Accessibility Tourism (business or leisure)
SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE ENJOYED BY EVERYONE (young, elderly and especially a person with a disability). Spare a thought for those persons with a disability – seen or unseen, Often they do not want to draw attention to themselves and their disability.

A disability is not always that obvious

Accommodation for families and Elderly and People with a Disability

(UA) = Universal Accessibility uses 60+ accommodation types and 290+ facilities to ensure accommodation satisfaction is found by elderly, families with babies and prams, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, people with disability like sight, movement, hearing and travellers with language difficulties.

Universal Aceesibility consider woman with a a baby a disability

Child Friendly Accommodation

Often a guide dog accommodation is needed

Traveller with sight disability

Railing needed on stairs for safe mobility

Traveller with Stability Disability

Disabled People have the greatest need for universal accessible accommodation types and facilities. Only about 8% use a wheelchair, with many more having other mobility, hearing or visual impairments.

only 8% of people with a disability use a wheelchair

Wheelchair User


Universal Accessibility
Information is not only key for unique disabled traveller needs, but must be searchable to find establishment with accommodation that can match those needs, so they can successfully plan their trip. provides a very easy to use and quick search facility to resolve correct disability needs.

easy to use search regardless of IT capability

Powerful Search Facility

It is estimated that the Universal Accessibility Tourism Market is about 650 million people with differing disabilities and another 600 million Elderly people worldwide

Includes statistics on Universal Accessibility worldwide

Universal Accessibility Tourism Tourism Facts from Cape Town

South African Universal Accessibility Tourism Market
Is represented by around 30% of the population and a portion of of the 30% has adequate disposable income to travel.

Includes statistics on Universal Accessibility in South Africa

South African Universal Accessibility tourism market statistic from Cape Town Tourism

The domestic Universal Accessibility tourism market is estimated to be approximately 600,000 potential travellers. has an added advantage of a powerful search engine to find accommodation in establishments that suits their unique disability traveller needs easily.

Accommodation search must be quick and easy on phone or tablet

Powerful search facility easy to use on phone or tablet with instantaneous results

2,800,000 people have some form of disability in South Africa
15 % of the worlds population live with some form of disability
From age 85+ hearing and sight loss is common among the elderly
From age 55+ some people will have difficulty walking
400,000 people use sign language
1,000,000+ people in South Africa are almost deaf.

Universal Accessibility Tourism Fact from Cape Town

Universal Accessibility Benefits all visitors


IMPROVE South Africa’s Universal Accessibility OFFERING
Establishments by

Listing and making online with choosytravellers,com those services they provide for


  • young
  • elderly
  • people with disabilities
Inclusive of all types of disabiliies

Advise and list travellers by means of searchable +60 accommodation types and +290 facilities



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