Unique traveller disability accommodation is not only about the best price

How to choose the best accommodation for your special needs

Choosytravellers.com leads the charge by disruptive online travel bookings with an innovative approach to “unique traveller disability accommodation needs”. The major disruption will be to overturn the emphasis that Online Travel Agents (OTA) currently place on price as being both the initial appeal and major consideration to booking a stay.

Dismayed to hear from disabled travellers on some of the mistakes they made in deciding on, and booking at an establishment, thinking subconsciously that after finding a good price the stay would be a happy one.

Obviously, not a life-threatening mistake, but surprising easily avoidable when you understand that choosytravellers.com, with its powerful search ability, is designed to help you make more rational and sensible decisions.

When we talk about disruptive and innovative approach, it starts with persuading you, to accept by acting instinctively and subsequently with knowing a satisfying solution to your unique traveller disability accommodation needs lies in searching and matching them with an establishment that offers those exact needs.

Search unique traveller disability accommodation needs


An incomplete truth in unique disabled traveller accommodation.

It starts with thinking that disabled travellers are in wheelchairs and therefore a ramp into the building, and a wheelchair toilet facility, satisfies all their their needs.

Being such a subconscious reaction, it’s hard to avoid this one. For instance, if you have a fall, lose the feeling resulting in a mobility problem that needs use of a rail when you go up a slope or steps, then make sure when booking that the establishment has these disability facilities.

In fact, that’s just the start…. there are many many more considerations for unique traveller disability accommodation needs

Establishment for unique traveller disability accommodation needs

A friend from Norway wrote me “I believe that disabled travellers avoid online booking because the questions they need answers for is unavailable”.  Probably, more questions than there are answers, is worth addressing on choosytravellers.com websites.

Ramp facility unique traveller disability accommodation needs

We should not worry about the things we have already lost.

Why should travelling be much more stressful, just because you use a guide dog

Search, as an example, choosytravellers.com ground floor apartment (no steps), a walk-in pool with rails and steps, and accommodation for guide dog and space in living areas and dining room. It is really these important details that make the difference between successful or embarrassing stay.

Guide Dog Accommodation

Let’s examine and discuss the unique traveller need for bath or shower

What aids do you use to help you bathe? A shower seat?  A grab rail?  Bath step and grab rail? Anti-slip mat. All these are available on the choosytravellers.com website for search for unique traveller disability accommodation needs and finding establishments that match these needs.

A shower seat?  A grab rail?  Bath step and grab rail?


“Clear Floor Space” plays a vital role in achieving an effective, functional bathroom for disabled traveller.

A disabled traveller, using a wheelchair, told me of her experience and difficulty in approach the toilet due to inadequate floor space. Choosytravellers.com has 280 characters for each photo of informative text to detail measurements of the photo of toilet, shower sink etc

Ample space for Shower , (with seat), Toilet, Basins

Booking a business or leisure need not always be stressful even with a disability.

Choosytravellers.com , with powerful search facilities, goes a long way to lessen their worry about how they will be treated in the destination including practical issues like unique traveller disability accommodation needs

The saying “look before you book” is a key phrase in helping all travellers match their unique disability accommodation needs.

Accommodation for disabled, elderly and wheelchair people


See you soon with next Choosy Tattler

Happy and successful unique traveller disability accommodation needs

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