Safety is also considered as unique traveller accommodation need

It starts on arrival and car is parked in safety environment. Travellers can easily search to find establishments that care for the health and safety of guests and their property. 

Safety Parking

Neighbourhood watch vehicles are trained to spot unfamiliar cars and often are seen when you arrive at the establishment. Visibility is key to their success to make bona fide visitors feel welcome and comfortable.Unwelcome guests are quietly shown the way to leave the area.

Neighbourhood Crime Watch vehicles clearly marked

Some safety jogging tips on a trip. There is a searchable activity in for those establishments that consider their area is safe for you to jog.

  • Do Not Run Alone – Two people are harder to control than one
  • Do Not Run With Earphones – you can’t hear a potential attacker
  • Alter Your Route – you more alert during your run because you are navigating unfamiliar terrain.

Numbers in jogging

Walking and hiking whilst away, whether it be business or leisure, on a trip the rules of safety are of paramount importance and need to be adhered to. Establishments have indicated in their facilities if they consider it to be safe for you but will still recommend that you follow some basic rules

  • Do not go alone
  • Do not flaunt expense jewelry and you need to keep mobile phones well hidden
  • Go on hikes with qualified and experienced leaders
  • Keep establishment informed where you are going and when you expect to be back

Hike with experienced leader

Cycling is a growing sport and its not unusual to see travellers on business and leisure pack their cycles in their cars. Some establishments even offer cycles for use or hire when visiting them. search on to find which establishments do. Most of the safety rules applicable to jogging and walking/hiking apply except for the extreme dangers that apply to traffic. It is advisable to avoid busy and narrow roads wherever possible and always wear reflective clothing with lights to make you more visible. 


Cycle in numbers and obey rules of road

4 x 4 Drive and Stay Alive Search and find establishments that offer 4 x 4 tracks onsite. and always tell them when you gong out on a drive.

Some helpful hints

  • Employ experience establishment 4 x 4 driver to accompany you – it may be a wise decision in the long run.
  • It’s important always to drive within your ability – take your time
  • Avoid surprises by surveying the road ahead before you encounter it – dont sink into a hole covered by water.
  • Always drive straight down hills or steep terrain – diagonal increases rollover
  • Reducing tire pressure will increase traction on gravel and sand – understand importance of tyre pressure
  • Cross ditches at an angle so one wheel at a time goes over the obstacle – other three helps the one to climb over.


 and Stay Alive 


I have concentrated on activities onsite offered by establishments and where the travellers is either on business or leisure trip.  There are many more safety hints that you the reader may want to pass on and I would be most grateful for your input


Many thanks for reading my blog and do visit for more information.


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