Big difference between business traveller needs and their unique needs

Big difference or challenge, every business or leisure traveller has unique needs, is for you the traveller to find which establishments is able to match your unique needs. 

Search for Unique Traveller Accommodation Needs

Big difference, in bed needs, traveller does not normally have an issue with a bed whereas very tall traveller has unique needs for an extra length bed. Both the travellers expect a good nights sleep.

Big difference,traveller with gammy leg and traveller in wheel chair, both need a ramp but wheelchair needs wider doorways and space to maneuver.

Ramp for disabled and wheelchair

Big difference, when business travellers take out laptop and phone to tackle emails, and there is a desk with plenty of space and adequate lighting to get those emails out promptly.

Doing emails

Business travellers on a trip, find themselves out of town, truly value the establishment that provides them with a lunch pack. To top it all it is a healthy lunch pack which is a real winner.

Lunch pack – preferably healthy

A life of travel, for businessperson, need not mean it is hard to keep fit whilst on the road. However, safety is a big issue, if you wish to jog. There are two parts to this unique need and they would usually be resolved if the establishment has jogging onsite and it is safe..

Safe Jogging onsite

Let’s start with the idea that you enjoy getting up early and go to the onsite gym. No traffic, no parking to worry about, and able to plan your time.Big difference is finding an establishment that will match your unique needs of a gym onsite. Just another big difference!

On site gym

There is one very important aspect that needs to be considered now. There are six unique needs that have been highlighted so far:

  • Disabled Ramp
  • Extra Length Bed
  • Desk
  • Lunch Pack
  • Safe Jogging Onsite
  • Gym Onsite realised that many travellers out there may throw their arms up and find searching/filtering beyond their ability. and consider themselves Technologically Challenged. So a simple, easy and quick solution has been introduced for all levels of technological ability especially those who consider themselves Technologically Challenged
Urban Dictionary: Technologically Challenged
The sort of people that find the simplest of everyday technological feats and gadgets to be a challenge in making sense and use of.

Search on phone for unique accommodation needs

There over  300 types & facilities to match your unique needs and the resultant search is still instantaneous. Big difference is by satisfying your unique needs you have a happy and fulfilling stay.

Visit and see for yourself just how easy it is to match your individual needs

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