One day you may be forced to find alternate accommodation. Consider why?

Alternate accommodation needs to be found. I never thought that one day you would decide to retire from the hospitality business and sell your establishment. New owners have decided not to continue with offering accommodation !

Search for unique traveller needs

 “Alternate accommodation should and will be found easily” so I thought. Just go into the location where I want to stay and select one of the well known Online Travel Agents (OTA).  Mmm found 54 establishments and started selecting and paging through the establishments on offer. This is turning out to be time consuming and once I have seen one and then move on to the next I cant remember the details of the first.

OTA offered 54 establishments to search

Alternate Accommodation is fine but which one offers steps into the swimming pool. If I am to make use of their swimming pool my disability need steps! Paging through 54 establishments looking for this facility proved to be time consuming and somewhat frustrating. I gave up!

Swimming Pool with steps and hand rail

 I now realised that I was not just a traveller with simple needs but there were a few facilities I was so used to getting where I went that I never really thought of them of being unique. Now with alternate accommodation I started to think what i was used to. Extra length bed for my tall and lanky frame was needed so I started searching through the 54 sites. Sjoe this was becoming a problem!

Extra Length Bed for a good nights sleep

Surely alternate accommodation would have free WIFI and a desk to work on with my laptop? This was found and entered on a spread sheet with my requirements along the top and those establishments that offered the services along the side.

WIFI and Desk for business traveller.

My next essential individual need was a shower as I simply did not enjoy a bath anymore. I also liked to save water. Searched the 54 establishments and entered the facility and those offering the service on my spread sheet.

Shower for Traveller


I enjoyed a hearty breakfast and easily found those establishments which served one. They were entered on the spreadsheet. But, I wanted a healthy lunch pack to take with me as I was not keen on going to a fast food outlet. Mmm that was very difficult to find in the 54 establishments so I gave up looking.

Healthy lunch pack

A must for me was safe parking of my car on the premises. So the search started again through the 54 establishments and my spreadsheet was updated accordingly.

Safe Parking on Premises

Now that I had completed my spread sheet it seemed a good idea to look up some reviews on the establishments. Not easy as I now had to look at another OTA and try and relate the reviews to the facilities. So i gave it a miss as I was really quite frustrated by now in what I had thought would be quite simple to find alternate accommodation.

Reviews of other guests recorded online

The last straw! I had spent so much time searching the 54 sites and preparing my spreadsheet and when I wanted to confirm a booking there and then I found that there were no contact details on the OTA sites.  I then did another search to find contact details and arrange a booking.

Contact details to make direct booking

I thought I was a businessman with simple needs and finding alternate accommodation would be a piece of cake. Nothing was further from the truth. Then I heard about and it took me 3 minutes to find accommodation with all my “unique traveller needs”. I will always use them and tell my friends and family.

A businessman with simple accommodation needs


I found a lot more options to make my stay even more comfortable when I saw just how many unique traveller needs” I in fact have and that can be searched and matched instantaneously.



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