Establishment awareness of their accommodation offerings on website is key

It’s no secret that establishments must accurately list their accommodation types and facilities, called establishment offerings, on the website. They simply can’t afford to get it wrong so that travellers searching Internet will find them.

Important that establishment offerings, is controlled by you the establishment, you who know best what they offer and how to showcase it. Also keeping your establishment listing accurate and fresh, is applauded by google, and may even elevate their rankings.

Traveller is silent, you dont hear them, they are out there looking, examining, searching on self-guided journey on internet on powerful mobile device. The website uses the latest in responsive software to correctly display on laptops and mobiles devices and helps to keeps them interested.

You the establishments need to understand what your customers really want through their unique needs.  is crucial to your establishment’s success and getting ongoing bookings. In the accommodation industry, marketing is like fishing you have to use the right bait. Having over 60 accommodation types and 260 facilities provided by, your accommodation offerings have a better chance of matching traveller unique accommodation needs and getting the booking.

You the the establishment continuously need to join the dots as you adjust and add to your accommodation offerings to try and match customers needs and expectations. Your special deals will be displayed conspicuously on the map to be seen and accessed.

You the establishment can, together with the guest, update their review online on the website. This is also an ideal opportunity for you to discuss your  establishment offerings and unique traveller needs that may be changing or required.

You as establishment have direct online bookings made easy with all your contact details for busy and efficient customers to save both you and them time and money.

Visuals are the new language of the digital era and accommodation offerings are ideally suited to visual presentations on the map based website.

Nothing is more annoying than to get lost through inaccurate GPS settings on your establishment or a physical map downloaded from your site that is difficult to read in the dark.

Imagine you the establishment can freely make changes to your website on either laptop or mobile on a 24/7 basis. Upgrade the entire content with the click of a mouse.

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