Matching Unique Accommodation Needs for Emergency Traveller

Emergency Traveller! One minute, you happy and content with your life and that all changes in a flash. The dreaded phone call of the passing on of a family member. A true story of meeting a couple at the coffee shop next to the big hole in Kimberly. She was a sales executive with a large motor car manufacturer and an extensive traveller.


As their plan unfolded to search for accommodation proved to be far more difficult than they originally thought. They found plenty of  establishments listed but establishment contact details to phone and make a direct booking proved to be problematical. They ended up staying with the family, sleeping on the floor and sharing bathroom and toilet. Welcome to the world of the emergency traveller

I showed them on my phone and they immediately tested the system with extra length bed and a private shower and toilet. The search is easy to use and a spectacular instantaneous result. You the establishments displayed also show your contact details for direct bookings


Emergency Traveller now replaced with an interested couple who needed WIFI and safe parking for their company car. You the establishment came up with flying colours.

It became apparent that they, together with the family in Kimberley, would be making funeral plans without delay. It seemed that there would be many out of town mourners who had unique accommodation needs like sister who is a Vegan dieter.


We discussed some more facilities and it became obvious some mourners would bring children with them and child friendly establishments would be sought. In addition cots, baby sitters and maybe playpens would be good.

Among the mourners there will inevitably be some who are elderly and disabled and they have their own unique accommodation needs. You the establishment with these needs listed will be found on the search and match

They were both very impressed with presentation of the search results on a map of Kimberly. They could, for example see, how close you the establishment are to the church or hospital.

Another very useful facility we all agreed on was the additional icons on the map to highlight services nearby the establishment. For example proximity to ATM, Police Station and Filling station has introduced a unique multi level filter program to access you the establishment’s listed offerings and match them with the traveller unique accommodation needs. There are over 60 different accommodation types and 260 facilities to list and search.


In conclusion she was very impressed and assured me she would use for her various trips and even consider establishments that offered conference, product launches and team building. And, would tell her friends!!!




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