Matching unique accommodation needs are not price related

Matching unique accommodation needs for you are not always dependent on price. Here are some of the reasons why.
You may be making a business or leisure trip, alone or with the family.


Business Traveller

Unique needs matching is most importantLeisure Trip with Family

 Travelers (both business and leisure) want to use their mobile devices to make their travel arrangements directly with establishments. It is imperative for them to find your necessary contact details on the web page.

Save time and money booking direct

Leisure travelers want matching unique accommodation needs for their family. You, the leisure traveller, need an establishment that is child friendly

Child Friendly

Location for you the business traveller is one of the most important facilities. You want to see on a map if you are near places of business, restaurants, ATM’s and other necessary services.

Map of Location of Establishments

You, as a business traveller, may argue that availability of WIFI is arguably more important than location and you will expect there to be WiFi where you stay. Similarly, you as the leisure traveller and family, will want to keep connected with your friends and family to share experience

WIFI Connectivity Essential

You the business traveler needs seating at a comfortable desk with adequate lighting to catch up with your emails.

Catch up on emails in comfort

 Coffee is a necessity wherever you the business business traveller stay
Seriously, you dont want the establishment to skimp on the coffee. You may even want to keep some snacks in the bar fridge! You the leisure traveller with a family would definitely consider a fridge in room as a must have.

Bar Fridge in Room to keep milk and snacks and other refreshments

An onsite restaurant may be your preference. Often female business travellers, would prefer to have their meal in their room. Business and leisure travellers are very aware of their dietary needs and health choices to avoid the battle of the bulge.

Dietary Considerations may include Vegan Meals being Available

Business travellers need their sleep and high quality bedding, extra length beds, ceiling fans and/or air conditioning all become necessary for your beauty sleep. Add to that hair dryers, iron and ironing board, pressing service are just a few expected by you.

Comfortable bed for good nights sleep

You the leisure traveller, with your family, may have needs for a cot, inter leading room for a baby sitter, play pen to mention but a few facilities you may expect.

Baby Sitter to assist you

You as a traveller have high expectations of the bathroom and its facilities. First of all, both you as a business or leisure traveller, have a preference for a bath or a shower. Safety features like anti slip mats, grab bars , shower seats are all much appreciated safety features for you.

Anti slip mats for added safety in bathroom


Safe and convenient parking is important to you the business or leisure traveller.

Safe and convenient parking

You and many travellers are becoming more and more health conscious. Onsite facilities for safe jogging and gym activities are much appreciated in keeping trim and fit. Its just another example of matching unique accommodation needs

Safe Onsite jogging



Onsite gym for traveller convenience

Matching your accommodation needs for you by using the powerful multi search program to match your needs will report immediately on those establishments that will provide a perfect match for your unique accommodation needs.

Establishments that will provide a perfect match for your unique accommodation needs.




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