Price itself does not guarantee unique accommodation needs seeks to build a top-of-mind awareness that unique accommodation needs is key factor in decision making

Filter to match Unique Accommodation Needs

Anticipate change in traveller needs then establishments can create their own future

Business and Leisure Travellers

Facilities are tangible and by their very nature are displayed and delivered for the perfect match. Establishments want travellers to find their unique accommodation needs with them first before those of competitors

Internet search for unique accommodation needs

Driverless cars is probably one of the top examples of disruptive technology that’s coming soon

Disruptive or Disorderly


Establishments view tangible evidence of ability to match traveller unique accommodation needs when travellers start contacting them directly to discuss their bookings.

Direct bookings with Establishments

The following are examples of single level filtering in matching unique accommodation needs.

Countywide establishments run programs of inclusive arts courses and projects. Stay over accommodation available for out of town participants

Art Classes Onsite

Establishments will begin reclaiming the role they once had as community centers, employ locals to solve challenges unique to modern times.


Communicate in Lobby shows why it was invented, introduced and absolutely essential to filter more than 1 x level. Multiple Level unique accommodation needs happen all the time

Some Accommodation Types

Sometimes summertime fun in water can come at a high price. This is according to Netcare 911 –  218 call outs to drownings and near drownings this year.

Fenced Swimming Pool with Safe Steps

Safe onsite hikes are eagerly sought by business and leisure.

Safe Onsite Hikes

Entertainment onsite adds even more fun for business and leisure travellers.

Entertainment onsite

Driving safety should always be your top concern and well sign posted and safe roads are well received by travellers.

Drive Safely

Have you ever considered Backpacking through South Africa but thought it would cost you too much money? Well, think again.

Backpacking Accommodation

South Africa is full of gorgeous campsites and deciding where to book your next camping holiday can get a little overwhelming


Make the most out of biking trips – experience our country culture and interact with the

Biking Onsite

Stargazing For Dummies for easy-to-follow guidance on getting to know the night sky. Some establishments offer onsite astronomy courses.

Onsite Astronomy

Life expectancy in RSA 57 years … imagine 57 birthdays and special occasion accommodation.

Birthday Accommodation

Eco-friendly products promote green living that help to conserve energy and also prevent air, water and noise pollution

Eco Friendly Accommodation

Time to clear your head, break away from the city, take-in the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside

Country Lodge


Who says you cant put your craft skills to good use when it comes to own business?

Craft Accommodation

Non-cyclist looking for companions to learn tips & tricks.

Cycling Onsite

Farms offering quality facilities in attractive yet unconventional surroundings for business and leisure travellers

Farmstay Accommodation

Treat yourself to a relaxing breakaway, come and recharge your batteries.

Fishing Onsite

When someone passes away, everybody attends the funeral and tries to help the family out in any way they can. Find accommodation near the mourning family

Funeral Accommodation

Enjoy golf with your family and it may also include putt-putt, putting on greens and mashie golf – all onsite.
For a fun and that great shot that you will talk about forever.

Golf Onsite

Love the idea of sleeping under the stars but can’t do without your comforts?
Luxury tents are for you!

Luxury Tents

Introduce a new product or brand to the market and share with everyone. Keep everyone together at memorable company occasion including accommodation until its over.

Memorable Product Launch

Whether business or leisure travellers there are strong reasons to choose accommodation near a church. makes the decision that much easier through its “display churches nearby map option.

Church nearby

Roomy communal studying, social and entertainment territory. Retain total privacy within a student environment. Students get that stage in education when study becomes all important to them and offers exactly what they looking for

Ideal Student Accommodation

Yoga for you. On a business or leisure trip ? or even want to become a yoga teacher?

Yoga Health


Volunteering may have positive benefits for the volunteer as well as for the person or community served.
Find establishments that offer Volunteering

Self-sacrificing Volunteering

“Mom, I’m bored what we going to do today!” – sound familiar. Find playgrounds and tree houses offered

Tree House


The following are explanatory examples of multi level filtering introduced by, and only available on,

Multi Level Example 1
With a celebration of life get together, the location is often dictated by the personality and wishes at a favorite place of the deceased. See family events, child friendly, elderly and disabled accommodation for starters.

Multilevel RIP

Multi Level Example 2
No TV or Internet, reading with children, pure quality of life with family. Enjoy farm cooking to meet these needs with multi level filtering + farmstay, + child friendly + vegan diets & more

Multi Level Example 2

Multi Level Example 3
Use your common sense. Be prepared for the unexpected. Don’t take unnecessary chances.


Multi Level 3 Facilitating Example

Example 4

Planning for product launch will be remembered for the little things that mean a lot!!!

Product Launch Planning for facilities

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