Create Establishment Opportunities – Anticipate Change in Traveller Unique Needs


Accommodation is an information intense product that needs to anticipate change as it is constantly viewed from powerful mobile devices.

You the establishments can anticipate change and influence the traveller with your getaway with a difference. Set yourself apart with a wide variety of art and craft courses. You the establishment a meeting place to be remembered and spoken about

Anticipate change in the traveller, business or leisure, in the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside and stay at your country lodge. The study of nature is a large part of science.

Anticipate change from more travellers showing a preference for eco-friendly products. You the Eco-friendly establishment will be noticed for your efforts to conserve energy and prevent air, water and noise pollution.

Life expectancy in South Africa is 57 years … get family and friends around to celebrate. You the establishment encourage and and anticipate change by including birthday celebrations in your offerings.

With our amazing topography and clear skies most nights of the year stargazing is an awesome option for you the establishment to offer. Keep a copy of Stargazing for Dummies for easy-to-follow guidance on getting to know the night sky.
SALT is beginning to make a significant contribution in forefront astronomy.

One notices the amazing number of, and all ages, of bikers on the road.  They are close to nature, experience our country culture and interact with and support the local community. A joy to see!!

South Africa is full of gorgeous camping and caravan sites. Anticipate change as more and more travellers approach you for weekend or longer stays in your camping and caravan accommodation. We have the climate and topography to support them.

There are many of you and your establishments that offer 4 x 4 courses for experienced and novices. Make sure you have ticked the box if you provide 4 x 4 driving instruction as well.

Have you ever considered backpacking through South Africa but thought it would cost you too much money? Well, think again

Anticipate change as more and more of you establishments offer safe onsite hikes and jogging for business and leisure travellers Safety is in the forefront of their minds.

Some establishments like you offer offer game and nature photography courses. With the advent of powerful cameras on mobiles more interest is being cultivated – anticipate change to the response to your courses. Make sure you tick the boxes for this enjoyable experience.


Only when you use to search for different types of accommodation and their activities will you understand the comparison in information overflow with what search engines throw up!!

Information overload

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