Choosie Conference offers new challenges, new insights, new formats

Conference agenda of challenges event marketing teams face today

Choosie Ambassador

Choosie ambassador is on hand to ensure conference is a success

Ideal experience where audience doesn’t take notice of the environment because they are so wrapped-up in presentation

Choosie Location Venues are  key

Game reserves, safari lodges, farmstays may have low capacities. Some delegates, can be accommodated at other lodges nearby. Meet challenges event marketing teams face today. Types of accommodation and facilities sought may include

  • cottages, lodges, tents and more

  • shower, extra length beds, meals to cater for religion and dietary requirements and much more

  • canoeing, cycling, waterfalls, walking and more

Search for facilities on venues

Choosie establishments provides 60+ accommodation types and 250+ facilities for conference organizer to match requirements

Accommodation key when within walking distance. Gets off on time each day

Establishment onsite

Accommodation onsite of major benefit for out-of- town delegates

Planning and thinking ahead for all eventualities to make events all embracing

Ramps into conference rooms major benefit

Disabled delegates need to feel at home and ramp is essential

Fully equipped Conference venue for formal and informal presentations with win win generator to back up power

Presentations material key to success

Event presenter knows working with own presentation equipment has its advantages. More at ease with own equipment and able to quickly troubleshoot most problems

Build trust,  encourage communication & increase collaboration

Team building

Effective team building means more engaged employees

  • good for company culture and boosting the bottom line
  • can be adventurous and enjoyable – do it with a little zing.

Conference plan catering around  guests as would for yourself

Cater for all likes and needs

Chef pride themselves on the attention to details going that extra mile for looking after delegate unique needs

Unique, personal, and insightful conversations delegates  have with other delegates can only happen at the conference.

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