Choosies earn kudos points with wedding venues

Choosies ambassador role-player in joining dots of wedding plans. A wedding is a magical day devoted to bride and groom to share with family and friends and want it to go just right.

Choosie ambassador with checklist of choosies

Let the couple love every single thing about their wedding!

Choosies simplify the search. Save hours of searching the Internet and getting frustrated.

Establishments with wedding facilities

When you intend to plan a wedding, you’re fortunate because has many venues from which to choose.

Choosies can find a charming onsite wedding chapel, free standing from the establishment, provides an elegant and authentic setting for your wedding ceremony.

Chapel on site

While being fully roofed offers full protection from wind and rain.

Choosies believe bride and maids dressing room should provide a deserving bit of luxury and pampering.
After all, maids have the extremely important job of looking after bride on her wedding day.


Bride and maids dressing room onsite

Making sure they have everything that they need, that bride enjoys her day, and they deal with any little niggles and giggles and ….

Choosies are aware that food is rapidly becoming one of the most important elements to planning a wedding.People are much more health-conscious and aware of their food choices than in years past.

Chefs are very aware of people having unique dietary needs

Meeting the dietary needs of guests. is the responsibility of not just the chef but guests responding to their dietary needs too.

Choose a venue with honeymoon room that is private and allows intimate time for the new marriage to set down its roots

Onsite honeymoon room allows couple to party with guests

Search and find a truly magnificent setting for a special day and night

Choosie can help you find a venue for a magical fairy tale, bohemian, chic, rustic affair or just downright quirky wedding. Find a wedding to venue reflect your personalities and make your wedding totally unique

Wedding venue to make your day remembered forever

Let rattling of the tin cans bring attention to drivers and pedestrians with some yells of congratulations Just Married.

With 24 hour security, ample secure parking, this venue adds to the list of one stop function

Safe parking

Fully equipped venue ideal if it comes with with secure parking and attendants for peace of mind

Choosies aware that wedding photography is what is left when everything else has been packed up and put away. It’s the pictures that will be looked at by generations to come

Wedding pictures last a lifetime

Photographs are the most tangible item you walk away with and keep forever

Choosies know reception sets the stage for the entire party. Think about your wedding style, your guest list size and the general mood you want to set as you search

Wedding reception where you let down your hair

The best celebrations incorporate personal, fun and unique touches to keep guests smiling, talking and remembering for a long time.

Choosie are mindful oft satisfying unique guest unique needs is so important. Guest supply their unique accommodation requirements to ensure searches match and satisfy guests requests.

Unique needs in accommodation is out there for peace of mind

60+ Accommodation types and 250+ facilities available for matching guest unique needs

Choosies are an integral part of and are continuously reminding customers and establishments how important unique needs and satisfying them are to an occasion. In this case we have shown Choosies at a wedding. One must remember that at a wedding all aspects of safety, disabled, bathroom, bedroom, activities and more are all available to ensure a happy stay.

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