Choosie believes sharing is caring with B&B customers

Choosie, our ambassador, goes out of way to make B&B customers feel welcome and happy during entire stay.

An establishment employee whose job is to assist guests wherever possible for a happy stay

Ambassador and Choosie engage with customers to ensure their every needs are being looked after satisfactorily. is a pleasant and down-to-earth website experience for establishments to showcase contributions and even hard-to-please customers will match their unique needs. Choosie is there for your every need.

Customer could be Business or Leisure or even “Bleasure”

Both establishments and customers are aware that today’s business traveller can easily become tomorrows leisure traveller and vice-versa. Only the unique needs may vary.

Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, it is also the most important facility when staying at an establishment; large or small

A satisfying breakfast adds ease and comfort to a guest’s stay, making it a far more pleasant experience overall.

Establishments that under promise and over-deliver will ensure customer expectations are exceeded. Consider nutritional value in breakfast and a plan for guests with special dietary requirements.

Lunch or picnic pack, from establishments that go the extra-mile, are  appreciated and remembered forever by customers.


Nutritional and tasty lunch/picnic packs for health and dietary aware customers

Choosie knows access to healthy and nutritional lunches can be logistically difficult in remote areas.


Winning establishments are knowledgeable and prepared to meet the special dietary needs of customers. Choosie will look after your Vegan needs.

Vegan is one of 5+ diets available

Customers are becoming more health conscious and standing strong in their religious or personal beliefs on how food should be prepared.

Establishments that offer customers the luxury of dining on request are need-satisfying customer needs as opposed to just wants and desires.

Dinner served on request knowing customer nutritional needs

Many single female customers are nowhere near 100% comfortable going out to dinner on their own. Choosie is only too happy to serve you dinner in your room!

Bedroom is a beautiful space where you can retreat after busy day spent exploring or on meetings. Choosie available to ensure you have everything.

Bedroom for comfortable and peaceful night

The goals of the room design are comfort, spaciousness and light to both rest and/or work in. There are 43+ facilities on offer for establishments to add to their contributions and customers to search for their unique needs.

Choosie says “Get your Go! back with a good night’s sleep”! A happy healthy life requires getting a good night’s sleep

Extra length bed for taller customers.

If you aren’t getting your best night’s sleep every night, you are selling yourself short.

Wake Up Calls are great for heavy sleepers. Let Choosie call you at the appointed time.

Confident being woken

Rest assured knowing your call will come in on time!

Some customers look at the environmental impact of taking a shower instead of a bath. Taking a shower is essentially faster than taking a bath.

Enjoy a shower

The debates over reasons to shower versus bathing and vice-versa have been going on since the first shower was taken. 

Not all establishments have a bedroom suite big enough to include a bath.

Bath in bedroom for many reasons

Bath time in bedroom becomes as private and personal an activity as sleep and anything else you do in there. Plus no-one can barge in because they need to use the toilet!

Establishments with safe onsite jogging is a win. Keeping the wonderful independence that joggers find but stay safe at the same time.

Jogging to keep in shape

The physical activity customers are able to fit in can be shaped around whether establishment has an onsite safe place to jog.

Onsite gyms tip the scales in your establishment’s favor and a place that your customers want to be.

Keeping trim and healthy in onsite gym

Onsite gym experience is a good—if for the overall customer experience.

Relax and have fun with astronomy. Astronomy is an outdoor nature hobby. Go into the night and learn the starry names and patterns overhead

Astronomy is a learning hobby

Start with binoculars. Ease of use, cost and performance make binoculars the ideal ‘first telescope’

Introducing Choosies is a lot of fun and gradually they will become well known and associated with  We set out to meet the real challenge of the emergence of, and meeting and matching, unique customers needs

impressive establishments matching unique needs

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