Matching with closes traveller unique needs gap

Matching has the task of keeping the customer sufficiently interested to stay on the site. achieves this with its amazing design that is

  • intuitive
  • slick
  • quick
  • successful
Young and old will find search easy to use to find matching establishments

Searching the Internet using KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle “brings home the bacon” when matching

Success in this department of the website will drive customers to establishments matching their unique needs. spent fruitful and energetic hours in designing the establishment website to be simple as ABC to use yet capable of solving the most complex matching requests of the hard-to-please-customers when matching.

Information easy to add or change on the establishment

Matching needs the information to be on the establishment easily found by searching customers

Establishments appreciate the surprising ease in which they can keep their site up-to-date with fresh information that is appreciated by both customers and Google SEO.

The days of people engaging exclusively on desktop are long over. Over 80 % customers, on mobile devices, will access the responsive optimized for both mobile and laptop website

Save time save money

Having responsive website is critical for increased bookings. Time is of the essence to get quick decisions

Establishments can concentrate on their website content to make sure they offer the best experience possible to customers on mobiles or laptops

Matching accommodation types and facilities with customer unique needs is incorporated in a unique, yet simple data base structure, that supports a mind-blowing range of business and/or leisure customers.

Matching unique needs a far ranging and complex unraveling solution offers establishment 50+ accommodation types and 250+ facilities to be mixed in any combination in the matching process for the most finicky customer

Inaccurate GPS settings of establishments is a thing of the past with has a wonderful solution allowing establishments to pin their own current location – whether at the gate or on a turnoff – using laptop or phone.

Pin where you want GPS set

Very beneficial to establishments on farms or out of town

Customers getting frustrated looking for you are a thing of the past. Establishments can quickly fix a wrong marker themselves.

Matching locations is now map based in The death of paper maps changes the way we book

Clearly shown on map with street details

Customers can take a virtual tour of an area so they can get the lay of the land where they are thinking of booking.

Matching experience further enhanced with viewing the establishments on a map in a chosen location. Special deals offered by establishments is now clearly marked with its own pin for all to see.

Ideally introduced, and very obvious, on map in chosen location

Special deals will retain the interest of the customers on the site putting an end to them moving off in search of information that requires an additional search.

Gallery becomes an important accessory to matching by displaying explanatory text on each photo.

Example of explanatory text in gallery photos Double bed, extra length , percale linen and quality matress

Establishment and customer are both anxious to make certain that what is shown in photo is what is on offer. Ensures a happy stay

Customers spend anything between 8 and 14 hours a day in the establishment room. Seeing whats available and hopefully seeing home away from home there

Details of bed, bathroom, seating, price, view and amenities all displayed for customer to look through

Details of shower with any safety features









Matching is the first and most important part of the selection criteria. Scrutiny of room – singularly most important part of the accommodation – is now commenced.

Online reviews are an important source of information for customers booking accommodation.

Customers trust reviews by other travellers

More and more establishments are using online reviews to their advantage.

The increasing use of mobile devices for making travel bookings further enhances the importance of direct communication with establishments to finalize travel decisions.

Wonderful feeling having finalized the booking without waiting

Establishments happy with direct booking and can satisfactorily finalize payment transactions and assured   customer is happy with arrangements. sets a totally new experience from which establishments can know their customer needs and make a start by showcasing their contributions in accommodation types and facilities.
Thereafter using the 3 click principle suggesting that a customer should be able to find any matching information with no more than three mouse clicks.

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