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1st May 2018

The future in an industry like travel and tourism needs social responsibility too.

The future in an industry like travel and tourism needs social responsibility too. Look beyond the narrow viewpoint our current comfort zones of price and location […]
26th April 2018

Traveller safety is key at Establishments

The success or failure of a tourism destination depends on being able to provide safe and secure environment for the traveller. Tourism is a fragile industry. It depends on many encouraging […]
18th March 2018

Persons in a Wheelchair show where there is will there is a way

Stephen Hawking – ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)   Stephen Hawking, lived in a wheelchair, is also known for bearing the position of Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, […]
17th February 2018

Spare a thought for those with a disability – seen or unseen.

Universal Accessibility Tourism (business or leisure) SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE ENJOYED BY EVERYONE (young, elderly and especially a person with a disability). Spare a thought for those […]
4th February 2018

Safety is also considered as unique traveller accommodation need

It starts on arrival and car is parked in safety environment. Travellers can easily search to find establishments that care for the health and safety […]
23rd January 2018

My bucket list has a Hole called Kimberly

My bucket list has a Hole called Kimberly  I decided to take the longer route from Sutherland to Kimberley via Beaufort West. I do have a […]
22nd January 2018

Finally choosy trip to Sutherland

Choosy trip to Sutherland. A nice round trip, on the way home to Randburg, rounded off with a trip to Sutherland just made sense. October was […]
22nd January 2018

Something new something to do

New, to me, meant getting to know the Overberg area and I chose Stanford as my base camp. From here I would explore Gansbaai, Napier and […]
21st January 2018

Heritage Swim at Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge

Watch heritage swim at Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge. It prepares swimmers for the annual Midmar Mile held every year at Midmar Dam in February. The […]