My bucket list has a Hole called Kimberly

My bucket list has a Hole called Kimberly 

I decided to take the longer route from Sutherland to Kimberley via Beaufort West. I do have a 2 x 4 Honda SUV but 600 km on sand roads via Fraserburg, Loxton and Victoria West did not appeal to me. Also, I would spend so much tome concentrating on the road I would not have time to enjoy the scenery.

Karoo in Northern Cape has its own beauty

Karoo – Sutherland to Matjiesfontein

Karoo has its own beauty

When I was young used to ask non-stop “are we nearly there”. Today I’ve learnt to love the Karoo and always on the lookout for small reptiles, animals and of course our beautiful birds. Once saw two mongooses attacking a Rinkals on side of the road.  Stopped and watched the battle with total amazement saw the Rinkals lose the war.

Karoo mountains have their own purple colour

More of beautiful Karoo

Kimberley has its own entertainment at breakfast, meet Tweetie at 75 on Milner B&B.

Willie Wagtail common in gardens

Tweetie a most welcome guest

Kimberley, and the Big Hole, is where I decided to spend the day

I was trying to imagine that when diamonds were discovered in Kimberley, I was one of the diggers, arriving to strike it rich with only a pick, shovel and enthusiasm.
Digging started in 1871 and ended on 14 August 1914 and only a few came out rich.

The big hole in Kimberly

2722 kg’s of diamonds with  22, 5 million tons of earth. Remains are hole 214 meters deep with  a perimeter of 1, 6 km.

I joined a bunch of tourists with a very knowledgeable and entertaining guide leading the way. We walked past the steam engine looking in remarkably good condition It was the work horse between Cape Town all the way up to the reef via Kimberley and some travelled in the lap of luxury.

Old de Beers Steam Locomotive

Steam Engine

The luxurious De Beers private railway coach

De Beers Pullman Coach

The washarama machine reminds me of a laundromat

I like the idea of being on wheels so it can come to you rather than other  way round.

Antique Washing Machine Museum

Huge washing machine.

I was intrigued with the toilet that was transported underground each day for the miners. One size fits all!

One size fits all Toilet

Underground Toilet for mine workers

I enjoyed a 20-minute ride on the vintage, but fully operational, tram around the Big Hole for around R 30. I waved to all the people in the street and they waved back. Awesome experience!!

The tram ride is a bit of fun

Tram Trip around the Big Hole

Kimberley Mine Museum was so well presented and made it very interesting for me as a local tourist.One of oldest houses in Kimberley. The house seem to be disabled and elderly friendly – thought about accommodating them in those days.

First House so well designed

One of the First houses in Kimberley

Peeped inside some houses

Took some pictures to show how they lived in those days and I really was impressed. Made me remember “all best parties were held in the kitchen”.


Stove heating for kitchen

Fully Equipped Kitchen just like Choosy Travellers Self Catering today

I was taken with the well laid out Bathroom. Shower over bath … in those days …bathroom well decorated too!!
Unique traveller needs would find it satisfactory but too cramped for Wheelchair visitor.

Shower over Bath - best of both worlds

Cool Bathroom

The entertainment could not have got much better and enjoyable than at the Irish Pub. Sore head guaranteed next day as a digger.

Kimberly entertainment til well into night

Diggers Rest – Irish Pub

Drive home after a most enjoyable night out?

A really cool car for you. Just the sort of shuttle service Choosy Travellers would enjoy

Classic Cars in Kimberly Museum

Tall and tanned travel for the gentry

Or if you were incapable of driving there was always the Scotch Cart

Somewhat undignified trip home but at least you got home.

Scotch cart - A light, strongly built, springless two-wheeled tip cart

Horse drawn scotch cart

I liked the “Daisy Daisy Bicycle”

Certainly there for the Sunday Afternoon to turn heads!!!

Tandem Bycycle

Bicycle made for Two

There are many places to stay in Kimberley … remember to satisfy your unique traveller needs

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  1. Priscilla-Louise says:

    What a tour of the Big Hole…. Thank you for sharing

  2. Grayford says:

    It is worth visiting as a tourist from SA

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