Content control your website for more bookings

Content controlled by establishment who knows best. supply extremely easy to use website.

Customers, business or leisure, seek satisfaction unique needs

Wonderful combination on a website with establishment showcasing their content and providing website framework for non-technical users.

Silent traveller, you dont hear them, are out there looking, examining, searching on self-guided journey on internet on mobile device.

No longer need human hand holding There is no doubt that technology is dictating the future of travel

About 50% of customers are faced with an unplanned trip. Needs are foremost in their mind when they start searching.

Understanding what customers really want and need is crucial to any successful establishment getting ongoing bookings.

Keep listening to what customers need

Establishments continuously need to join the dots as customers needs and expectations change. Update content on  as and when required themselves is crucial..

Now, 80% of consumers worldwide own smart mobile devices
which have revolutionised how people access information.

Mobile Commerce is Here to Stay!


With so many establishments to choose from establishment offerings in unique needs are critical.

Customers are overwhelmed by choices online creating a need for a better search option. Content highlighting special needs is crucial to your success.

Streamlined search of content is solving information overload problem.

Customers confronted by a myriad of choices,  devoid of content about their  unique needs, will move on.

Online Bookings  for busy, efficient busy business customers  provide convenient services that save time.

Save time, save money is so efficient to both customers and establishments.

Establishments must deliver targeted and personalized information in their content to travellers online. Imagine being on a trip and an emergency accommodation requirement crops up. Those with personal details stand a chance of snaring a new customer.

56+ Accommodation types and 250+ facilities available to establishment contributions

Easy to select from drop down options

All types and facilities, that are selected and available as contributions, are searchable on the website by customers on the go looking to satisfy personal needs.

Visuals are the new language of the digital era and accommodation is ideally suited to visual presentations

Each establishment with a special deal has a special deal pin

Red pins are establishments that met search criteria. Click on them to find out more about the establishment.
Note how clearly special deals are presented.

Crucial for establishments to update their special deals content. Any establishments meeting unique needs and has a special deal is shown with a special pin to attract customer attention.

Special deal pin easy to see

Customers no longer have to go looking for special deals on other websites. Its all here and easy to see.

Customers value opinions of others in reviews. Update content of reviews online for all to see.

Update reviews as and when they stay

Arrange with customers to have their review updated before they leave

Imagine you could freely make changes as you want and need, you can update and add content whenever you like, you can even upgrade the entire content with the click of a mouse. And its all FREE!!!

impressive establishments matching unique needs

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