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Simply put, choosytravellers.com is a new and disruptive travel solution.

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Disabled and elderly unique needs are offered to travellers to search impressive locations. Consequently, our different approach from the rest of the travel  online marketplace and hospitality services, is noticed immediately.
First and foremost,  disabled and elderly travellers, will notice how price and availability are held back, until searches to find a match of accommodation that suit unique needs. Ultimately travellers are in contact directly with the establishment to close the deal.

First, Second, Third the anticipated travel experience on choosytravellers.com, is designed to have a happy ending.

Ideal establishmentIn other words, establishments may wish to take full advantage of filling a gap for accommodation for disable and  elderly travellers.
These travellers also come at off season time which is very attractive. Incidentally the travel market, for people with disabilities, is generally regarded as one that is currently untapped, therefore  a market with huge potential waiting to be tapped into.

By and large people with disabilities have a significantly different view on tourism experience





Strangely enough there is a clear misunderstanding regarding the needs of disabled travellers then an opportunity exists to investigate further.
At the same time staff training is important on the assistance and handling of disabled travellers

Incidentally you may consider the location of  an establishment,  close to hospitals and clinics, to have immense advantages that can be exploited.

Then your location close to  Healthcare / Hospitals,  Wellness & Care Giving Services,  can be offered for  pre  and post care medical services.
Incidentally avoiding traffic jams will be seen as an all important consideration to stay with you.

No doubt mattresses & bedding for disabled and elderly will be appreciated.

For example consider sleeping with selected bedding and mattress products that can make staying with you that much better.
The type of linen, duvets, also plays an important part in ultimate comfort,
Of course, travellers with sighted disability, often need guide dog sleeping facilities.

 For instance special seating needs are not given the attention they deserve.




For this reason, providing support for special seating needs for physically disabled, are often overlooked.  Lounge chairs, where one sinks into the cushions, is strangely enough uncomfortable for disabled and elderly.

Bath Steps and  Stools  add to the both the dignity and safety of the disabled & elderly travellers.


Incidentally getting into a bath can present many problems which steps and stools can be of immense help. Extra-wide, non slip step featuring rubberized, non-skid feet ultimately contribute greatly to safety.
They can also help getting into bed.


Disabled Grab Bars, strategically placed around the  bathroom, no doubt add to safety  and  are greatly appreciated.

Handrails and grab bars in the bath / shower over bath and toilet provide assistance to individuals off all ages and abilities. Without dangers of falls are a reality… or embarrassment and loss of dignity when elderly or disabled call for assistance.

In the same way, disabled guide dog accommodation, sets you aside from the rest..




Guide Dogs are welcome in public places such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and other accommodation facilities, medical/dental practices, and shops. They can also travel on all forms of public transport including taxis and planes.

Furthermore dedicated medical services may convert you into a sought after wellness establishment





Provide one-on-one care from a specialist nurse.
In the first place there are situations where you can help travellers, from out of town, waiting to be admitted to hospitals or need accommodation for post-op recuperation.


Accessibility for disabled and elderly unique needs



A great option for disabled visitors is access by way of ramps, walkways and specially designed elevator interiors.
Make disabled travellers health, safety and comfort ýour number

Disabled and elderly unique needs seek showers that provide easy access.






Access for wheel chairs, shower chairs, rails and grab bars are designed to help elderly and disabled people to have a shower in peace and comfort.

Similarly there are disabled and elderly unique needs for a raised toilet seat



A raised toilet seat is an attachment to an existing toilet which adds extra height for the user. It is designed for those with limited mobility who have difficulty sitting

No doubt disabled and elderly unique needs will relax visibly when they see bath  and shower anti-slip mats



Ultimately essential aid by introducing  safer anti-slip surface increases guest safety and confidence in the  bathroom of the Establishment bathroom.

 Disabled and elderly travellers in inevitably have special needs in accessing and exiting swimming pools with confidence




Freestanding or built-in steps solve the problem for our guests with disabilities and allow them the dignity to enjoy a dip on a hot day

Special deals on offer at establishments in the town you wish to visit




At the same time, there are establishments, that meet the individual disabled, & elderly needs  criteria , that are offering special deals. These  special deals are very visible to travellers visiting choosytravellers.com website

In conclusion choosytravellers.com assists by bringing disabled and elderly unique needs to the establishments


Out of town patients have a dire need for accommodation whilst  they wait results determining whether they need to book into hospital. Ideal accommodation waiting for beds to become available.

There are many establishments that already offer some or all of these facilities . Choosytravellers.com welcome establishments wishing to update their details on the website to improve their exposure  even more.

Furthermore there 12 searchable unique facilities exist under “Disabled”  that are there to match personal and individual needs. Establishments update these facilities whenever they are able to match the unique needs.

From here on the word will get around , whether it be by word of mouth, on social media, email campaigns and the ever-improving SEO ranking positions – all pointing to choosytravellers.com and their disruptive experience.

At the same time, disabled and elderly unique needs, could represent an interesting and large part of the tourist industry and are available to travel out of school holidays.

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