How did get started

Business Traveller

Establishment did not have WIFI or a desk to work on.

First, Second, Third I traveled for  business purposes so communication with the office was essential. For this reason having no WIFI or desk  was how did get started.

Map Location

In my opinion location of establishments is not given due consideration because of the absence of maps to assist.

Regrettably, once I got stuck in traffic and found parking difficulties, did it strike me how important it was to choose a convenient location. For this reason I have found that establishments in walking distance of conference centers can be very attractive.

Meals and Special meals


Ironically meals did not form a big part of the decision until …. Banting Diet requirements, dinner on request?




Furthermore, using farmstay accommodation, some 8 km from town dinner became an issue. Strangely enough the establishment did serve dinner but not suitable for my diet.

Multi choice accommodation offerings


In the same way I thought it would be advantageous if I could do training where i stayed.

In other words, as it were have a small training facility, with meals to suit a variety of customers dietary requirement. Moreover some out of town customers want to stay over and  have their own individual needs.

Conference & Meetings

At this point the magnitude of all the moving parts crossed my mind.
This is what website could be about.

For this reason, and many other reasons, there was a market crying out for a website combining the many moving parts. Of course it would include  a powerful search option of establishments whose offerings will  satisfy unique personal needs  of location, accommodation, types, amenities & facilities.

Ironically keeping track of  reviews on the is key.


Ultimately keeping traveller interest  on the websites will lead to bookings.

Special deals


Furthermore, note that highlights special deals on the map.


As a matter of fact special deals are not that obvious to travellers using basic website search routines. Establishments and travellers often miss out on these important offers.

Ambassador facilitates the individual needs of travellers with establishment that can match them.






All bookings and price negotiations are done directly between traveller and establishment. Save time, money and makes for a happy stay

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